Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

Empowerment Initiative

In order to prepare our young women of faith to face an ever-changing world, we continue to make innovative changes. Magnificat High School introduces the EMPOWERMENT initiative.

The EMPOWERMENT initiative is our approach to restructuring academic curriculum in a way that upholds our high standards and provides our students with a competitive edge as they go on to the collegiate level. The EMPOWERMENT initiative is founded upon three pillars: PLACE, PEOPLE & PROGRAM.

When the world zigs, we zag!

Empowering our young women is something that pervades all aspects of what we do at Magnificat High School. When students, faculty, staff, parents, board members and community members come together with a common vision, great things happen.

Our Empowerment Initiative is centered around three pillars: Place, People and Program. Founded by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, Magnificat has a long history of exceptional academic and co-curricular programming. As the world evolves and expects more of our young women, we evolve and build upon a strong foundation to prepare our students to reflect Christ in a dynamic, ever-changing world.

Three Pillars


At Magnificat, we know that the environment in which our students work and learn matters. Our collegiate and collaborative Surround Learning® spaces attend to a variety of learning styles and preferences. We strive continually to evolve our physical spaces to promote innovative and real-world learning.

As our students prepare for their futures, they deserve to do so in the best possible environment. From the Magnificat Center for the Performing Arts to the beautiful Lourdes Chapel, our state-of-the-art athletic training facility and the Humility of Mary Center, our physical spaces provide our young women with the settings and tools to be extraordinary in every way.


While our exceptional academic programs and facilities stand out as critical components of the Magnificat experience, it is the people in our community who truly make Magnificat special. Our faculty and staff maintain high standards to ensure that our students are challenged to reach their full learning potential. Our commitment to ongoing professional development for faculty and staff ensures the best possible educational experiences for our students today and tomorrow.

Because every member of the Magnificat community cares deeply about the holistic development of our students, we established the ADVISORY PROGRAM and ROSEMARY SAAS CENTER FOR WOMEN OF FAITH IN LEADERSHIP.


Advisory is a scheduled time during the school day in which an adult and a small group of students have the opportunity to interact and connect on an interpersonal level. It allows for greater personalization and fosters increased engagement for students. Advisors: promote connections, facilitate discussions & activities, advocate for students by offering strategies & ongoing support and model our mission, purpose & values.


The Rosemary Saas Center provides opportunities to engage with our community. This “center without walls” seeks to identify and promote rich and ongoing dialogue. We provide access to speakers including Dr. Carissa Romero of Stanford University, Dr. Lisa Miller of Columbia University and inspirational presenters like Fr. Gregory Boyle, S.J. of Homeboy Industries. Through these special opportunities, our students and the greater community are empowered through literature and research to be role models of faith and integrity.




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