Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

Visual Arts

Believing that Art is central to all learning, the Visual Arts Department strives to meet each student at her entry point into the visual arts and works with her to develop her individual skills, imagination, and vision.

Believing that Art brings coherence to learning, the Visual Arts Department empowers students to recognize and respond to their own creative voice.

Believing that Art connects past, present and future, the Visual Arts Department gives students tools to examine the rootedness in past cultures, especially the Christian heritage, to explore the dimensions of present realities, and to vision an evolving future.

Believing that Art involves critical and creative decision- making processes which impact life-long learning, the Visual Arts Department develops art as a way of human knowing, connecting the elegance of God’s creation to the life, goals, and holistic growth of each student.

Believing that Art both forms and functions in culture, the Visual Arts Department endeavors to foster in each student a commitment to communal experience of Art and the transformation of society through Art.

Visual Arts Chairperson: Mrs. Alecia Janosik