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To Whom Do We Pray?


Saints, mystics and spiritual writers have characterized prayer as

Lifting of mind and heart to God
Realization of being God’s beloved
Practice of the Presence of God
An act of love
An intimate sharing between friends 
a surge of the heart
a simple look turned toward heaven
a cry of recognition and of love
embracing both trial and joy
Crying out to God with all your heart
The ability to stay focused in chaos
An acknowledgement that I am not responsible alone for everyone and everything
Gift, Covenant, Communion 

Each of the definitions of prayer is a reason for praying, is it not?

Because we are in a relationship with God as friend who dwells within us and permeates all;
Because at the most authentic core of our selves we do want to be more/most loving;
Because we are given the gift of prayer through a covenant relationship with the Trinitarian God for the closest communion;
Because in stillness and quiet we will find our souls;
Because there may well be a moment of chaos—events in our lives or in our world that are uncontrollable calling us to endure—to embrace—trials and tribulations.

Praying at these moments of utter tragedy, irreparable loss, dire need creates a sure path to the Compassionate heart of Christ on the Cross.


with an act of love, a surge of the heart, a word of friendship;
by letting the Holy Spirit pray through us;
by praying our work, our leisure, our serving, our receiving, our need, our silence.


Our Loving God Who is healing…liberating…and oh so fond,
Who has promised all good things with a generosity beyond measure.

Lift your mind and heart to God today. Pray every moment; pray the moment. Pray nothing less than always. Pray your work, your leisure, your creativity, your boredom, your conversations, your daily doings, your difficulties, your failures, your anguish. Your stillness.

Permeating Love,
teach me to pray.
Pray within me.
Pray through me,
in truer and truer silence
so that You are the ocean
on which I raft my life.

What is your definition of prayer with Sister Helen Jean.