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Have a Lighter Spirit

The Spirit of lightness will make us light-hearted as we live out the season of Easter and Pentecost.

Who is this Holy Spirit?

 Blowing wind stirring up the world;
 Flowing water saturating it with the juice of life;
 Burning fire igniting its steady and unexpected events;
 Brooding bird bringing it to life
  with the love of a mother’s warm body;
 Holy Wisdom, more mobile than any motion.*

No wonder water is holy. No wonder wind is refreshing. No wonder this Creator Spirit imparts to us “prodigal abundance of energy (W. N. Clarke).”

So it is our Christian responsibility

to be light-heartedly permeated with an energy that uplifts;
to be permeable with the airiness of a Spirit that gives grace, creativity,
 mutuality, abundance;
to be lavish with response to others’ needs and requests;

Stinginess is heavy; generosity makes us buoyant. We can be generous not only with material things but service and even the tonality of our responses to others and our non-verbal gestures. Surely, when Jesus looked at the wounded and hurting, his very look of acceptance and love was healing. Imagine, we have the power to heal another!

The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of simplicity. We must be care-free in the Spirit. Cast your cares upon the Lord who will hear you, who will uplift you. The Holy Spirit is Wisdom full of Loving-kindness and Faithfulness. Wisdom is a Kindly Spirit, literally, a people-loving Spirit.”*

Proverb’s Spirit has a “cosmic reach” . . . working as a master crafts-person and playfully rejoicing in the result (Prov. 8:22-31). Sirach’s Spirit is a swift, mobile, nourishing mist and radiant light. (Sir. 24:1-6). Wisdom’s Holy Spirit is lighter still (is this possible, is this imaginable), more brilliant, more beautiful, faster traveling, than the sun (Wisdom 7:22 to 8:1).

Find a reason to sit by water and ask yourself–as you let your mind float on that water–how that water is like the life of God imparted to you in grace. Or swimming, soak in the water through all your pores as the tangible symbol of the Holy Spirit. Sit under a shading tree and feel the caress of the breeze and be touched by the whispering voice of God. Become more silent, more contemplative and the Holy Spirit will envelop you with treasure-fulls of understanding.

When asked what decisions she and Magnificat had made recently that supported the holistic development of our students, a staff member unhesitatingly said “Everything,” then added,” Our students are happy, to be happy is evidence of holistic well-being.” The Holy Spirit wants to permeate us in every dimension so that we will, indeed, exude a happiness transformed with joy.

Do come, Creator Spirit
Veni, Creator Spiritus.
Visit us again. Enflame us again.
 Energize us more deeply with zeal
 for Your Desired Creation to come
 on earth, through earth,
 throughout all the world
and in our total being.

*E.A. Johnson, 2013.