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Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

A Day in the Life

No one day at Magnificat is the same as the day before...

At Magnificat we recognize that students learn in many different ways. In addition to the ways our faculty address this reality, our schedule does, too! As you look at the sample freshman schedule, you'll notice that each day is different. This schedule format has been in use at Magnificat since 1968 and the reason is three-fold:

  1. The schedule makes allowances for different learning rhythms. Many people can identify themselves as morning or afternoon people. Our classes do not meet at the same time every day, so at least once or twice a week the class should meet at the student's prime time.
  2. The schedule provides variety and variety produces energy!
  3. The schedule teaches time-management skills. The changing daily schedule reinforces preparation and planning ahead, and students are responsible for their own unscheduled time.

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