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Magnificat Summer Book Club

Calling all 4, 5, and 6th grade readers! Magnificat is excited to announce our Magnificat Summer Book Club!

"You Throw Like a Girl," by alumnae Rachel Alpine, introduces you to Gabby. Gabby’s summer vacation isn’t shaping up to be that great. Her dad was just deployed overseas, and Gabby is staying at her grandmother’s house with her mom and baby sister until he returns.

The one bright spot is that Gabby plans to sign up for the local softball league—her greatest love and a passion she shares with her Dad who was a pitcher in college. But when Gabby goes to sign up for the summer league, she discovers that there wasn’t enough interest to justify a girl’s team this year. And to top it off, a horrible miscommunication ends with Gabby signed up to participate in the Miss Popcorn Festival—the annual pageant that Gabby’s mom dominated when she was younger.

Can Gabby juggle perfecting her pageant walk and perfecting her fastball? Or will this plan strike out?

Dates to Remember
  1. June 4-30 | Sign up to receive your free copy of "Throw Like a Girl," by Rachel Alpine
  2. September 19, 4:30-6:30 p.m. | Join us for a special event where you have the opportunity to meet the author, learn more about her inspiration for the book, and learn how to become an author!

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