Academic Scholarship
Magnificat offers merit-based scholarships. Students can qualify to apply and interview for these scholarships simply by taking the Magnificat High School Placement Exam. The top test takers on the exam have the opportunity to apply and interview for scholarships ranging up to $5,000. Academic scholarships are annually renewable.

Magnificat Alumnae Scholarship
An Magnificat Alumnae Scholarship is awarded to the daughter and/or granddaughter of Magnificat graduates on the basis of merit, service and leadership. The scholarship is $2,500 per year and will automatically renew each year, provided the recipients maintain a 3.5 GPA and remain in good disciplinary standing. To be considered for this scholarship, the Magnificat Alumnae Scholarship application, copies of 7th and 8th grade report cards, and a letter of recommendation from an adult who is not a family member, must be received by November 10, 2015. The Alumnae Board Scholarship Committee will review the applications and select at least three students to be interviewed. The recipient of this scholarship will be notified in writing by the end of December 2015.

Click here to view the 2015 Magnificat Alumnae Scholarship Application.

Donor Endowed Scholarship
For this current school year, there are 153 endowments which are funding 271 scholarships. Scholarships are awarded on a number of criteria, including financial need, academic excellence, and participation in service and leadership activities. Applicants must complete a PSAS application (due November 10, 2015) and a separate Donor Endowed Scholarship Application (due November 10, 2015). Recipients will be notified in May 2016.

Click here for a copy of the 2015 Donor Endowed Scholarship Application.
Click here to view the 2015 Donor Endowed Scholarship Listing.

Marian Scholarship
Magnificat also offers Marian Scholarships for current eighth grade students entering the Class of 2020. Each of the recipients, who represent the most qualified prospective incoming freshmen who are living their Catholic faith, will receive an award.

Specific requirements for Marian Scholarship consideration include:

  • Student must be Catholic
  • Student must have taken the Magnificat Scholarship/Placement Exam
  • Student must complete Marian Scholarship Application (due November 10, 2015)
  • Student must have maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA in 7th and 8th grade
  • Student must have demonstrated service and leadership activities within her school, parish or community
  • Student must have teacher recommendation from a 7th or 8th grade teacher (form included in application)

Click here for a Marian Scholarship Application.

Key Dates for Parents of 8th graders in the Class of 2020 Only:  
Marian, Donor Endowed and Magnificat Alumnae Scholarships available in Admission Office and online   August 26
PSAS Applications available in Admission Office and online October 1
PSAS Application deadline November 10
Marian, Donor Endowed and Magnificat Alumnae Scholarships deadline November 10
Notification of Marian Scholarships Before Christmas
Notification of grant/scholarship estimate Before January 8

Return PSAS application to:
Private School Aid Service
P.O. Box 89434
Cleveland, Ohio 44101-6434

Please contact our representative at PSAS if you have any questions regarding the PSAS application:         

         Misael Mayorga Jr. | Account Representative
         440-892-4272 ext 390 | Fax: 440-788-2931

Scholarship applications should be returned to Magnificat.

Questions regarding Magnificat High School Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships for the Class of 2020 should be directed to Mrs. Susan Reighard, Director of Student Accounts, sreighard[at]maghs[dot]org or 440.331.1572, ext. 225.