Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

Giving just got easier! 

Magnificat Giving Day is about participation. Every student benefits from the Magnificat Fund, and every gift makes a difference. An anonymous donor will make a $50,000 gift when we reach 250 Giving Day donors! Please stay tuned to Magnificat social media and emails for updates.

To make a gift via VenmoPayPal, Apple Pay, or credit cardtext 4MAGS 
to (202) 858-1233, scan the QR code, or use our form below to make a gift by
credit card.

Ways to Show Your Support


Make a gift on or before May 4, 2021.
Lead by example and stand up for Magnificat with a gift. All gifts--large or small--truly do add up to make a difference.


Share our campaign.
Share our Magnificat Giving Day campaign on your social media accounts and follow our social media accounts. Use selfies or homemade videos to reach friends.


Tell your Magnificat story.
Be an ambassador for Magnificat and share how Magnificat has changed your life or your daughter's life? Shout it from the Mountain tops! Why do you pay it forward by supporting the Magnificat Fund?


Use our Magnificat Giving Day toolkit. 
The toolkit will provide the Magnificat Giving Day logo, suggested text, and great information to use. Check out the Magnificat Giving Day toolkit.