Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

Strategic Plan

Phase 1 - Deepening Faith-Filled Life

  1. Develop and strengthen Faith and Spiritual Practices among all constituents
  2. Clarify understanding of “modeling Mary’s Magnificat in the world” among constituents
  3. Develop the Rosemary Saas Center for Women of Faith in Leadership

Phase 2 - Advancing 21st Century Learning

  1. Align pedagogy with student-centered, real-world learning
  2. Evaluate and expand learning spaces to support best practices
  3. Enhance commitment to innovation, diversity, and global experiences for students and faculty

Phase 3 - Integrating Strategic Partnerships

  1. Develop and formalize mutually enriching and mission aligned relationships with institutions, organizations, community groups, and individuals
  2. Expand community service and experiential learning opportunities within community
  3. Strengthen marketing of Magnificat story, purpose, and Mission within greater community

Phase 4 - Enhancing Wellness and Athletics

  1. Develop comprehensive wellness program
  2. Update and enhance athletics facilities
  3. Create greater access through integrated program options

Phase 5 - Strengthening Financial Vitality

  1. Strengthen enrollment and optimize tuition revenue as part of comprehensive financial plan
  2. Expand philanthropy as part of a comprehensive development plan
  3. Develop a comprehensive capital campaign consistent with strategic priorities