The Lengthening of Days

Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, occurs on March 1, which is also the beginning of meteorological spring. Officially, we wait for spring to arrive on Monday, March 20, the equinox. There is an integral relation of Lent to the season with its root word Lencthin deriving from the lengthening of days.

As the days of Lent lengthen with light, with what might we fill them? Surely a more conscious turning of our attention to things in our lives that really matter: people in our family; the health of a friend; an identified need in our parish; the heart’s longing for the Divine. God is gifting us with longer days so that we can put our interior house in order.

As the days lengthen, may our hearts become lighter in many senses. May they become lighter in spirit by loosening attention to less important things, by our surrendering our cares and curiosities to God, by joining our burdens to Christ’s sufferings. May our hearts become brighter with the light of Christ freed to shine brightly because we are now concentrating on the really important things, practices and relationships that will last us throughout our lives.

What is this spring we await? A spring of seeds that were embedded over winter in the darkness and cold to break through warming earth. So what have you planted or do you hope to plant? How will you nurture these seeds of thought and grace?

Read a Gospel passage a day, perhaps from Matthew or John, the gospels of this Lent. Your simple goal is to walk along with Jesus and watch and listen to him closely.

As Jesus speaks to the disciples, touches those needing healing, walks with those wondering, sits with those pondering, hear his words, feel his touch, ponder his presence.

Lift your heart to God in the morning. Lift your mind to God often throughout the day. Give a simple look toward heaven now and then. Embrace any joy that comes your way or offer some joy to another. Be calm in any trial. Grow silent in a glance of love. Let your heart surge toward Jesus.

Slow down to be mindful of the moment. Slow down to be kind and merciful.

if I were there with you
on your journeys
through the Gospel events,
I would keep my eyes focused on you
I would hear your voice
speaking to me.
Now, please walk with me.
Accompany me throughout my day.
Then I will make all choices
with you at my side.

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