Three Things

Goodness; Truth; Beauty

Goodness, truth, beauty: many cultures seek these ideals in many forms, e.g., Confucianism in right relationships, Hinduism in Enlightenment, Zen in meditation gardens. Some suggest that all healthy human beings seek goodness over evil, truth over falsehood, beauty over ugliness.

The Church mediates our natural search for goodness through moral teaching; our search for truth, through the creeds, scripture and doctrinal teachings; beauty in liturgy, prayer/meditation, design of churches and prayer spaces. Ultimately, it is in the Life of Christ, the teachings of Christ and the Prayer of Christ that we will find Divine Goodness, Truth and Beauty.

Take a look out at the world or a walk in nature and discover facets of the beauty of creation and give praise to our Imaginative Creator.

Consider spending time pondering the Nicene Creed, reading the scriptures, praying the Our Father thoughtfully and meaningfully, contemplating in silence, centering ourselves with the help of a prayer space or a mantra. May we find a desert space as Jesus did in the Gospels going aside to pray. May we get in touch with the prayer of Christ by reciting the Our Father slowly and meaningfully:

May Your Kingdom come, O Christ, in my heart, in my family, in our world.

Family; Friendships; Faith

The gift of family, an indispensable treasure, a precious network of relationships; an ever-changing responsibility and periodically perhaps a challenge and conundrum with each member evolving in a unique way at a unique pace.  Recently, someone told me that a faithful friend from elementary school would call a member of the family burdened with illness faithfully every day. Imagine that gift that lifted her spirits. Friends and family bound in faith: gold!

Faith; Hope; Love

Tying all these triads together are the theological virtues of faith, hope and love with the depth of their meanings and graces for us.

Faith inspires us to believe in God and all God has revealed in creation and revelation and tradition and church teaching and continues to reveal.

Hope inclines us to seek our full happiness in Christ trusting in Christ’s promises and relying on the graces and guidance of the Holy Spirit for the gift of eternal life and unutterable joy to come.

Love draws our heart and will to love and serve God and our “neighbor, “ others on our life path as Imago Dei, image of God, and alter Christus/altera Christa, as Christ here and now.

I believe in God creating me: dwell within me, receive me as Your own.
I believe in Jesus, Word God, dying on the Cross, rising: embrace me with mercy and love.
I believe in the Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life: fill my soul with grace day in and day out.


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