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A Day and a Month of Blessings

I just received an email concluding with the grand wish: Have a day filled with unimaginable blessings! How filled with faith ... and hope ... and love is such a wish. Is it an expression of hyperbole? Not at all, given the largesse of the Giver of Blessings. “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it even entered into the human mind or heart” what God has in store for us.

Besides, it’s Lent, a set of days religiously charged with meaning and possibility.

In Lent, we can observe Jesus of the Gospels relating with others, teaching others, being patient with others, being compassionate toward others, healing others in body or mind or spirit, coaxing others to take leaps of faith. In the Gospels, we can accompany Jesus on travels, into places of prayer, through deserts, up mountains, on to grassy knolls and seaside settings and into many homes for many meals. 

Visit Peter’s mother-in-law after Jesus took her hand enabling her to rise from a sickbed to prepare a meal and serve Jesus.

Walk home with the argumentative Canaanite Woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and talk with her about her encounter with Jesus.

Sit on the grass and watch Jesus identify people as meek, as hungering for truth, as sorrowing and hear his sure promises to them including seeing the face of God.

Hear the astounded re-telling by the woman rescued from stoning of her unimaginable escape from deTake in the Woman at the Well’s recounting of her theological exchange with Jesus who appointed her as his witness. 

In Lent, we contemplate Christ fully incarnate, like us in all things save sin: like us in assurances and bewilderment, like us in learning and wondering, like us in believing and searching so completely identified with us, ultimately even in crying out in desperate unknowing:  My God , my God ...

Each of these Lenten days can be unimaginably blessed as we enter more intimately into the sentiments of Jesus’ heart, as we join Him walking the hills of Judea and then the hill of Calvary. Our hearts can be transformed. Our minds can be enlightened with new realizations. Our spirits can be deeply converted when our mind’s eye is focused fully on Jesus.

Dear Jesus,
I will be with You throughout this Lent.
I will observe You in the Gospels.
I will pray with You in the desert
and on the mountain.
I will listen to You as You speak to Your disciples.
I will ask You questions about my discipleship.
And I will look for
unimaginable blessings
for my life, my soul, and my world.

Reflections with Sister Helen Jean Novy, H.M.