Stretching Toward God

Scripture says the Kingdom of Love is like a treasure hidden in a field...Scripture also urges: Seek the Lord with all your heart! The mystics suggest that we would not be searching for God if we had not already found God. A contemporary spiritual writer has reflected on the longing for God and contemplation as a way of getting even closer to God.

There is a yearning for God that is hard-wired into us, an utterly universal human impulse.
Our capacity for the infinite is never satisfied with anything less than God.
There is a God instinct in us that sets us in search of something more, even as it is experienced as a deep emptiness.
Our felt experience of the desire for God may come and go, but the inner movement is continuous.
It is a grace to know that the great yearning is indeed for God.
And that yearning is sparked in us by the intimate nearness of God
always drawing us toward the fullness of Love.
                                                                                                                        --Patricia Farrell, O.S.F.

Is it a stretch to think we can truly reach God in this life? The Indwelling Spirit is as close as our inner being.

Even creation shares in this yearning toward Love, even groans, as Scripture says, for this redemption, fulfillment and union with the Creator.

What spiritual practices can link us more closely with the Divine?

Consider praying with a Mantra, a word or phrase for five minutes or so repeating it interiorly until the Spirit repeats it for us...and becomes silent:

My Lord and My God
God of My Longing
Live, Jesus, in my heart.
Holy Spirit make me holy.
Gracious God
Lavish God
Loving God
Compassionate God, pour Your Mercy upon me.
My God and My All
Transform me.


Consider sitting in stillness for 10 minutes...or twenty (eventually). Go to the deepest part of your heart where God is waiting for you. Simply be there with God.

Consider reading a passage from the Gospels in which Jesus heals a person in great need. Read the passage again letting your imagination assist you in being present in the scene seeing the details, noticing the others present, focusing on what Jesus says and does. Read the passage again imagining yourself as the person healed. Close your eyes and “see” what Jesus might be saying to you or doing for you or inviting you to.

Why might we consider meditating, contemplating, centering ourselves most silently, most deeply? We will be finding the truest treasure, the encounter with God.  We will find ourselves transformed. We will encounter our truest self. We will let ourselves be known by God, even enter in to the heart of God. Why not?


Dear Jesus,
You are My Lord and My God.
You are my compassionate Savior.
You are the God of my heart,
The God of my life.
I desire to know You
as You really are.
Let me see myself
as Your loving gaze sees me.


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