May, the Marvelous Month

While buds unfurl, May hosts many celebrations including reception of Sacraments and graduations, grand and memorable events. The liturgical calendar includes two glorious feasts, The Ascension, May 14th and Pentecost, May 24th. How do they resonate with May and with each other . . . and with us?


You ascend to heaven taking your familiar bodily presence from your disciples who can no longer be in touch with you in conventional ways.  Are they, like Mary Magdalen and like Thomas, at a loss?


Get ready, Magdalens and Thomases and daringly hopeful disciples of this day: a wild wind and dancing flames are about to encircle you. These May feasts are not only full of promise; they are dangerously powerful. We can become more filled with the fruits of sacramental graces. We can graduate to renewed and fully spiritual life. These feasts enable Christian followers of Christ to preach the Word to all, speak the truth in love, cast fire upon the earth.


If Earth can celebrate the movement of the life-giving Spirit enlivening all that is with color and fragrance and buds and seeds redolent with life, we hope-filled Christians can augur a celebrational spirit. That is a gift we can give more intentionally in the month of May. We are believers in the no- longer-limited-by-time-and-space presence and action of Jesus. We encounter the Limitless One no matter where we are physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Our faith is now in the, yes, palpable presence of God in the depths and heights of our souls, others and the whole earth.

Dear Jesus,whose life we have pondered
In the Gospels,
we now seek You
in Your Church,
touch You in the believing Community,
live in You
through Your Holy Spirit
at the center of our souls
and the core of our lives.
May our hearts warm with the joy
of experiencing Your closeness.
May we reach out to others
encircled and encircling with Your grace.