Recognizing Jesus

Sister Mary-Joanna Huegle, H.M.

Just as every Sunday is a mini celebration of the Resurrection,
     every meal can remind us of Jesus’ risen presence recognized
     in the breaking of the bread and the sharing of a meal.

We will recognize Jesus,
     as we entrust our the joys and sorrows of our days to others in hope.

We will recognize Jesus,
     as we share the meaning of our faith with others in conversation.

We will recognize Jesus,
     as we contemplate one another in a moment of appreciation
     at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

Let us share things Jesus has explained to our hearts and minds
     about the scripture passages of the resurrection appearances.

Let us see one another and the whole world anew
     because Jesus,
     Who gave His life in unconditional love,
     now offers unconditional acceptance to each of us.

Read: Luke 24: 13-35 
Pray: Contemplate the Picture Above and the joy of recognizing Jesus

Read: Luke 24: 36-49;
Pray: How do I get in touch with Your Wounds today, Dear Christ?

Read: John 21:1-14;
Pray: Risen Lord, help me to be aware of Your Presence in the kindness of others.

Read: John 20:11-18:
Pray: Mary of Magdala, how do I testify to having seen the Lord?

Reflections with Sister Helen Jean Novy, H.M.