Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

Class Agent Program

What is a Class Agent Program?

The Class Agent program is an extension of the Magnificat High School’s Advancement Team that brings awareness to and helps to raise funds for The Magnificat Fund. The Magnificat Fund is vital in providing crucial tuition assistance to more than 60 percent of our student body, making 21st-century advancements in our academic programs, and creating new athletic, co-curricular, service, and faith-based opportunities to meet the needs and engage the dreams of our students. This program consists of a network of alumnae class representatives who work with their peers in supporting Magnificat.

What is a Class Agent?

A Class Agent is a volunteer who represents their class and is a liaison between Magnificat High School and their classmates.


The goal of the Class Agent Program is to increase alumnae giving for each class year and to provide updated contact information and class news to the Director of Constituency Relations whenever possible.

Class Agent Roles:

Your role as a Class Agent is to be a leader within your class and and to be willing to ask 10-15 classmates to join you in making a gift the Magnificat Fund. Every gift that is made reaffirms one’s commitment to the Catholic and holistic education that Magnificat offers to current and future Blue Streaks.


Class agents commit to volunteering 1-2 hours of their time per semester (total of 4 times a year). Your commitment to the program will end in September 2020.


1. Make a personal donation to The Magnificat Fund.
2. Choose 5-10 people from your class that you are willing to ask to make a gift to The Magnificat Fund. You may have to reach out to them more than one time throughout the year.
3. Send thank you notes when someone from your list makes a donation.
4. If you have suggestions for your replacement for the coming school year, please let us know!

**Magnificat staff members will provide reminders at the beginning and end of every semester regarding the status of your efforts.**

Interested in Becoming a Class Agent?

Contact Theresa Day, Assistant Director of Annual and Leadership Giving, at tday@maghs.org or Maggie Mroz Lamb '84, Director of Constituency Relations, at mlamb@maghs.org.