Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

Mothers' Club

The Mothers’ Club provides opportunities to meet other Magnificat moms and families.Explore the many ways you can get involved with our school!

For more information please contact Magnficat's Advancement Services Manager, Brigid Schaefer '97.
Phone 440.331.1572 x255 | Fax: 440.895.2045
Email: bschaefer@maghs.org

Letter from the Mothers' Club Presidents

Upcoming Events

2019-2020 Executive Board

Co Presidents
Maureen Casserly Kelly '87 (Maggie '19 and Keara '21)
Mary Sponseller (Molly '18 and Kerry '21)

Vice President
Jenn FitzPatrick (Emily '22, Grace '25, and Jayne '27)

Ann Litzler Coyne '88 (Claire '15, Emily '18, and Elizabeth '21)

The Beginnings

October 14, 1957

On October 14, 1957, Magnificat High School’s Mothers’ Club held its first meeting. As stated in the club’s constitution, (dated March 16, 1967) “The purpose of this organization shall be to promote Catholic action, to contribute financially to Magnificat High School through our actvities, and to foster cooperation and friendliness among our members.”

Over the years, the Mothers’ Club has sponsored many events, including the Holly Luncheon and Boutique/Holly Market, the Spring Luncheon and Card Party, Ring Day/Junior Class Day, the Senior Mother-Daughter Breakfast, and fund-raising by sale of the Activity Center Calendar and the recipe book, Morsels.

1957 - The West Shore Post

This photo of some Mothers’ Club members accompanied an article about the first “Holly Day” that was to be held on December 5, 1957. This article reported that “Luncheon will be served in the cafeteria and cards will be played in the auditorium. There will be table prizes made by students in the Art Department, door prizes and an automatic clothes dryer for some fortunate lady present.”

1958 - The Lakewood Post

These mothers were involved in planning the “Hearts Are Trump” mixed card party to be held on February 4, 1958. According to the accompanying article, “There will be table prizes, door prizes and a portable TV for a fortunate member or guest. Refreshments will be served.”

1958 - Cleveland News

Banners that decorated a dance are being prepared by these Mothers’ Club members. The dance, “Spring me into Hawaii,” featured a tropical setting and took place on Friday evening, May 16, 1958. The article stated, “It will be the last of three events this year to raise funds to finish the third floor at the school . . .When completed, the third floor will be used as living quarters for the teaching staff of Holy Humility of Mary nuns.”

1959 - The Lakewood Post

These Mothers’ Club members helped to arrange the “Bonnets and Belles” card party that was to be held on April 1, 1959. Included in the festivities were the “awarding of a $125 wardrobe to a fortunate lady present” and table prizes of “decorated hat boxes to hold Easter bonnets of members and their guests.”

Mothers' Club in Action

Mothers' Club Committees

All School Dance

All School Dance (January 26th at 8:00 p.m.) Lorie Norman (Maddie ‘22) lmnorman30th@yahoo.com

Volunteer to help work the coat check at the annual Magnificat All School Dance.

Blue Streak Deliveries

Blue Streak Deliveries (February) - Lynn Murphy (Laney '20) murphyrr@cox.net, Tricia Schultz (Grace '18 and Maggie '20) tschultz4455@gmail.com

Surprise some unsuspecting students as moms make deliveries!

Volunteer Moms

Volunteer moms are a great resource to answer any questions you have. Volunteer moms will work the Mothers’ Club table at various school events, and act as welcome ambassadors.


Megan Kleinert'91 (Ellie ’19, Charlotte '23, Amelia '24, and Lily '25) megankleinert@yahoo.com
Kim Fogarty (Kaleigh ’20) kimjfogarty@aol.com

Dad Prom

Dad Prom (March 10th at 6:00 p.m.) - Lee Mylonas '85 (Morgan ‘18 and Alyssa '19) lmylonas@its.jnj.com and Michele Ward (Julia ’18 and Elizabeth '20) bmwjeward@gmail.com

The Mothers’ Club, in conjunction with Student Life, helps organize this highlight of the four years, when senior girls get to spend a magical evening with their first true loves – their dads!

Holly Market

Holly Market (November 29th at 5:00 p.m.) - Ann Litzler Coyne '88 (Claire '15, Emily '18 and Elizabeth '21) anncoyne@mac.com, Mary Sponseller (Molly '18 and Kerry '21) mary.sponseller@aol.com, Mary Kay Curtis '91 (Anna '21) henrycurtis@ameritech.net, Jenn FitzPatrick (Emily '22, Grace '25, and Jayne '27) jennfitz21@att.net

Find the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend, in-law, or teacher. Vendors will be selling creative and interesting gifts. Grab your friends and join us for a girls’ night out of fun and fabulous shopping. Volunteers will help with set up and with registering guests.


Meetings/Socials (September 13, November 13, January 29, March 13, and April 10 at 7:00 p.m.) - Julie Lesko Haylor '87 (Sydney '20) leskohaylor@gmail.com and Wendy Pietrangelo (Katie '20) wpietran@sbcglobal.net

Join us for Mothers' Club meetings and socials!

Moriah House

Moriah House (First Saturday and last Sunday) - Joyce Bauer (Molly ’17, Grace ’20) jmkbauer@gmail.com

Once a month, Magnificat mothers and daughters serve breakfast and dinner at this West Side Catholic Center shelter for homeless women and children.

Muffins From Mom

Muffins From Mom (Freshmen-February 12, Sophomores-February 7, Juniors-February 5, Seniors-January 31 at 10:45 a.m.)

Nancy Seibert (Ellie ’20) nancykseibert@gmail.com

Julie Miller (Megan ’21) jmarkwoodmiller@gmail.com

Enjoy donating muffins and drinks and/or help serve them to the students at school for a fun winter treat!

Night and Blue Games and Gadgets

Help gather games and gadgets for prizes for the Night in Blue Bazaar.

Shelly Gray (Lauren '20) shelly_gray@att.net
Lorna Jenne (Emmaline '20) lornajenne@sbcglobal.net
Caroline Lee (Jacqueline '20) ljosephlee@yahoo.com

Mother/Daughter Senior Luncheon

Mother/Daughter Senior Luncheon (March 24 at 11 a.m.) Dana McCabe (Claire ’19, Paige '21, and Quinn '23) danarmccabe@aol.com,

Theresa Simms (Lila ’19) tlsimms@ameritech.net

Moms and daughters will have a chance to enjoy this special senior year event!

Senior Prom

Senior Prom (April 13 at 6:00 p.m.) Roselle Adler '87 (Grace '18, Annie '20 and Sara '24) arosellek@gmail.com, Lydia Lowe Anderson (Olivia '17 and Sarah '19) lbaand2@aol.com.

Work as a chaperone at the after prom and help set up for the special event.

Senior Treats

Senior Treats (November 1, March 6, and May 3) Linda Brogan '84 (Laine ’16 and Lilian '19) d2l3brogan@sbcglobal.net, and Alison Leszcz (Cait ’19) aleszcz@mac.com

Moms provide special treats for our beloved seniors.

Out of the Blue Care Packages

Out of the Blue Care Packages (February 21 at 6:00 p.m.) Kathy Kniely (Colleen ’18) kniely@sbcglobal.net, and Tamara Vesikillio (Alexandra ’18) vesikilio@gmail.com

Freshman college moms reunite for an evening of fun as they assemble care packages for our newest Magnificat alumnae.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

April 11, 2019 7:15 am | Mothers' Club/Fathers' Club provide breakfast for faculty and staff.
Chair: Nancy Bulic '89 (Claire '21) nemb@ameritech.net

Volunteer Fair

September 13, 2018 | Plan and implement the Mothers' club volunteer fair.

Kathleen Proctor 89' (Leah '18 and Molly '22) caseyproc@wowway.com
Jenny Sims '89 (Hannah '15, Ally '15, Molly '19 and Emily '23) jkshayes@yahoo.com
Cara Wilson (Abbey '20) cquinnwilson@yahoo.com