Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

Social Justice

Guided by the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching’s call to love one another and participate in the Reign of God, Campus Ministry has several student led initiatives to raise awareness and follow up with social action to address local, national and global justice issues. The school community also strives to grow in awareness about the needs of others in our local, national and global community and respond with compassion and generosity through outreach projects organized annually in Advent and Lent.

For more information about Catholic Social Teaching, we invite you to visit the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops website.

Peace and Justice Club

Peace and Justice Club

The Peace and Justice Club invites students to explore what it means to live out the Gospel’s call to respect all life by working for justice. Using the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching, students perform social analysis of justice issues and pursue actions to challenge the structures that create injustice in our local, national and global community. Using the See, Judge, Act cycle of analysis, students are invited to identify a justice issue (‘see’), educate themselves and make others aware of the issue (‘judge’), and develop a plan of action that calls for change and justice (‘act’). The Peace and Justice Club is directed by Campus Ministry with a team of student leaders who coordinate and facilitate monthly meetings as well as activities and events throughout the school year.

The Peace and Justice Club also collaborates with other diocesan high schools through Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ). CSPJ is a network of peace and justice clubs from other high schools in the Diocese of Cleveland. To learn more about Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice, please visit their website www.cspj.net. Through CSPJ, students are able to use their collective voice to speak out against social justice issues, particularly issues regarding the respect for life. Past CSPJ events that Magnificat students have participated in include the Mass, March and Rally for Life in October and the Fair Trade Expo and annual summits on topics ranging from poverty to human trafficking.

Fair Trade Club

Fair Trade Club

The Fair Trade Club is a student led group focused on organizing the school community around Fair Trade initiatives. Fair Trade is a form of trade that focuses on workers who produce our goods and ensures that they are treated with dignity and justice. Students in the Fair Trade Club become aware of the details of Fair Trade and the impacts beyond simply providing a fair wage.

Students educate themselves about the positive community impact and development that result from Fair Trade and they seek to promote the same awareness and education to others in the community. They also examine ways that Magnificat can support Fair Trade as a school community and seek to make more Fair Trade products available on campus as well as promoting a sense of conscious consumerism. Fair Trade skirts and polos are a new uniform option for Magnificat students and fair trade selections are always available in the Streaks Boutique.

On October 2, 2012 Magnificat was certified as a Fair Trade school by Fair Trade Colleges and Universities USA! Please click here to learn more about this good news.

Special Projects


Humble Hands Advent Project

Humble Hands is a school-wide effort that aims to help meet some of the basic needs of those in the greater Cleveland area, Youngstown, Appalachia, Immokalee, Florida, and the U.S. / Mexico Border. Students learn about the challenges and struggles that our brothers and sisters in Christ face every day, and take action by committing available resources to help alleviate some of the physical needs of our brothers and sisters in the community. All collected donations are distributed through the agencies that Magnificat partners with for service or immersion programs throughout the year.

Through this student-led project coordinated by Campus Ministry, the Magnificat community hopes to be able to recognize Christ’s living presence in our sisters and brothers in need and in ourselves.

Lenten Project

The Lenten Project is a school-wide effort focused on the needs of our brothers and sisters in our global community. Students reflect on social justice issues and raise awareness about the challenges faced by people in Haiti, Guatamala, Ecuador and other countries around the world. All monetary donations are distributed through organizations with whom Magnificat has a partnership.

Through this student-led project coordinated by Campus Ministry, the Magnificat community hopes to recognize and respond to Christ’s suffering, crucified and risen presence in the world today.