EdChoice Expansion

The State of Ohio expanded the EdChoice Scholarship Program in July 2023 such that all Catholic high school students are now eligible to receive at least an $841 scholarship. The scholarship amount could range as high as $8,408 depending on a family’s household income, and students already receiving an Ohio Department of Education scholarship are having their scholarship amount increased. Please read below to take advantage of this new opportunity to reduce your tuition cost.

Families Already Receiving a State Scholarship

If your student currently receives a Cleveland Scholarship, a Traditional EdChoice Scholarship, an EdChoice Expansion Scholarship, or a Jon Peterson Scholarship, the Ohio Department of Education requires a reapplication process for the 2024-2025 school year that can be completed via myMHS beginning in February 2024. 

Families Not Yet Receiving a State Scholarship

You will need to apply for an income-based EdChoice Scholarship, also known as an EdChoice Expansion Scholarship. Click here to view EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Fact Sheet. Depending on your family’s size and 2023 household income, the high school scholarship amount ranges from $841 to $8,408 on a sliding scale. This chart should only be used to estimate your potential EdChoice Scholarship. Please note that awards are determined solely by the State of Ohio Income Verification System, not by Magnificat High School. Until such time as your student is officially awarded a State of Ohio scholarship, your current Magnificat tuition obligation and payment plan remains in effect. Magnificat evaluates all funds available to a student to meet her tuition obligation, therefore her current financial aid award may be adjusted if a new scholarship is awarded by the State of Ohio. 

All Magnificat families have an incentive to apply. The deadline is April 1 in order to allow the State of Ohio adequate processing time, and the two application steps are outlined below. Step 1 must be completed before Step 2. 

Step 1

Submit EdChoice application and supporting documents through MyMHS:
  • A checklist requesting the submission of these documents has been assigned through the MyMHS portal, unless we already have all required documents.
  • EdChoice Scholarship Application Request Form can be found here. The Renewal Form can be found here.   
    • Must be filled out completely. Do not leave questions blank.
    • List your student’s name exactly as it appears on her birth certificate.
    • The signature at the bottom of the second page must be an electronic or handwritten signature; it cannot be typed. 
    • If your student has ever attended public school, name the district, building, and years attended in the Student Information section. 
  • Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate 
    • Must match name on application exactly
  • Limited Power of Attorney Document – Requested by Magnificat High School authorizing the school to endorse and deposit checks issued by the EdChoice program to be applied against tuition for the duration of your student’s enrollment.
Forms should be submitted through MyMHS as soon as possible, but no later than April 1, 2024. PDFs are preferred over JPGs or other file types.

If there are any issues with uploading documents through MyMHS, you should email the documents to with your daughter’s name in the subject line. 

If you are unable to upload the documents, please mail or drop them off at school: Magnificat High School, Attn: Finance Department, 20770 Hilliard Boulevard, Rocky River, OH  44116-3397.

Step 2

AFTER completing Step 1 and seeing that the application has been completed on your MyMHS checklist, verify your family income using the ODE Income Verification Portal
  • The State of Ohio will base your household income on your 2023 Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and the number of dependents in your household. "Deductions" on the Income Verification only pertains to child support that you pay out, or garnishments.
  • While the Income Verification System may ask for various income documents, the only required document is your 2023 Federal income tax Form 1040, page 1. Have a PDF ready to upload. Applicants are strongly advised to black out the first 5-digits of their SSN number on any tax documents that they submit for Income Verification.
  • Dependents under the age of 18 may be entered in the Income Verification System as members of your household. If you have children up to 22 years old who are full-time students, or disabled dependent adults living with you, you may list these individuals’ name and date of birth in the Comment Section next to parent name. Use page 1 of the tax return for income verification as your documentation (the dependent should be listed there). Under the household member (the head of household) leave a comment that says you have an additional member. Add that additional person’s name and birthdate (and the last 4 digits of SSN should be visible on the tax return.) The ODE will override the system to add this household member to the count.
  • In cases of divorce or shared tuition responsibility, Income Verification should be completed by the court appointed residential parent for school purposes. 
NOTE: If you are experiencing issues accessing the EdChoice Income Verification System in OH|ID, you may use this link to access the application system. You will need to have an existing OH|ID account for the link to work. 

If you do not have an existing OH|ID, you may create an account and login using the Open My Apps button on the Portal Help page. After you login, under Web Systems, click Application Request. Change the Application to Income Verification in the dropdown box. Click Submit. After a moment your screen should reload with access to the Income Verification tile.


Please email with any questions, and thank you for participating in the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program, which allows Magnificat to better meet the financial need of families choosing to invest in our Catholic, all-girls education.
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