Donor Honor Roll

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters!

The following lists reflect gifts made to Magnificat High School between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If an error has occurred, please accept our sincere apology and contact us so we can adjust our records and publish the correction.

List of 10 items.

  • Founders Society - Lifetime Giving

    Humility of Mary Circle  (Lifetime Giving of $1 million +)
    Brittan Burke DiSanto ’79 and Fred DiSanto
    F. J. O’Neill Charitable Corporation
    Nancy McDonough Geschke ’60 and Charles Geschke
    Sisters of the Humility of Mary

    Mother Mary of Lourdes Circle 
    (Lifetime Giving of $500,000-$999,999)
    Dr. and Mrs. Theodore
    Castele Foundation
    Betty Dabrowski
    Carol Ann and Charles Rini, Sr.
    Maureen Karnatz Smith 81 and Stephen Smith
    Thomas and Theresa Coury Charitable Foundation
    Mary Lu and George Wasmer

    Mother Anna Tabourat Circle 
    (Lifetime Giving of $250,000-$499,999)
    Catholic Community
    Eorann Hickey Conway ’79 and Daniel Conway
    Ann Litzler Coyne ’88 and Terry Coyne
    J. Harrington and Marie E. Glidden Foundation
    Caroline and L. Joseph Lee
    Jan Duffy Leitch ’68 and
    Jeffrey Leitch
    Mary Beth and EdwardMansour
    Beatrice and M. Thomas Moore
    Rhonda and Thomas Richlovsky
    Rosemary and William Saas
    Molly and Michael Schroeder
    Smiley Family Charitable Foundation
    P. Kelly Tompkins

    Mother Madelaine Potier Circle 
    (Lifetime Giving of $100,000-$249,999)
    Anonymous (4)
    American Greetings
    The Andrews Foundation
    Betty and Raymond Arth
    Patricia English Aveni ’65 and Vince Aveni
    Mary and John Bello
    Peg and Michael Cachat
    Fiona Campbell Chambers ’90 and Brian Chambers
    Debbie Cherry ’73 and James Helbling
    Cliffs Natural Resources Foundation
    Colleen Craven ’93
    Barbara and Edward Durkin
    The Edward and Betty Sloat Foundation
    Therese Fanta ’88 and Sheila Monroe
    The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust
    Marguerite and Charles Galanie
    Dede Hickey Geib ’76 and Daniel Geib
    Diane and Michael Gibbons
    Irene and Herb Heppler
    Chris Fridrich Higgins ’74 and Ralph Higgins, Jr.
    Mary Ellen and Richard Huesken
    Rose Gates Jenne ’68 and Joe Hudak
    Sherry Kahl and John Kahl, Jr.
    KeyBank Foundation
    Karen McGlynn Killeen ’64 and Michael Killeen
    Luanne and Ken Lashutka
    Laub Foundation
    Joyce and William Litzler
    Lanee and Jason Lucarelli
    Magnificat Fathers’ Club
    Magnificat Mothers’ Club
    Barbara and Jack Matia
    Holly and Thomas McGowan
    Merkle Foundation
    Elizabeth and James Mooney
    The Nock and Son Company
    The Past Presidents Foundation
    Pat and William Reichard
    Marilyn Pavlik Ruddy ’62 and Raymond Ruddy
    Jackie Stringer ’67
    Thomas C. Sullivan Family Foundation
    The Thomas J. Coltman
    Foundation Trust
    Veale Foundation
    Rose Volk
    Kathleen Folatko Wasserman ’63 and Thomas Wasserman
    Anonymous (3)
    Irene Allamen
    Marilyn Knox Arundel ’76
    Amanda Bartelme ’94
    Mary Ann and WilliamBeargie
    Cathleen and Brian Bennett
    Carol and Mark Bodnar
    Christine Noga Booth ’88 and Dean Booth
    Linda Bodziony Brogan ’84 and Dan Brogan
    Nicki and Michael Cancelliere
    Mary Pat Ferron Canes ’63
    Nancy Doerr Carney ’64 and Robert Carney
    Loretta and Robert Cleary
    Maureen Cleary ’86
    The Cleveland Foundation
    John Curran
    Maura Mansour DePrisco ’89 and David DePrisco
    Julie Buddie Douglass ’72 and Clayton Zell
    Mary Lou Durkin
    Suzanne and Mark Dvoroznak
    Eaton Corporation
    Heidi and Frank Fanta
    Nicole Rini Fenix ’89
    Kathleen Durkin Ferry and Brian Pyclik
    Fifth Third Bank
    Theresa and William Francis
    Frantz Ward LLP
    Margie Vedda Furin ’75
    Eileen and John Gallagher, Jr.
    Giant Eagle Foundation, Inc.
    The Howley Foundation
    Anne and Brian Hurtuk
    Diann Dellafiora Jenne ’89 and Dean Jenne
    John P. Murphy Foundation
    William Joyce
    Margaret and William Kaiser
    Carol and William Karnatz, Sr. 
    Linda Loesch Kelly ’77 and John Kelly
    Elena and James Kelly
    Mary and Rustom Khouri
    Dara Krueger ’87 and Timothy Piai
    Lisa and Robert Kunkle
    Debra and Edwin Langhenry, Jr.
    Kathy and Dale LaPorte
    Janis Domino Lynch ’78
    Sally and Colin MacLean
    Adele and William Malley
    Kevin McDonald
    Kathy Dunham McElligott ’74 and Robert McElligott
    Berta and Martin Mehall
    Samuel Miller
    Maggi and Robert Mooney
    Pam and Jeff Moritz
    Kathy Naughton ’61
    Patricia and Charles Nock
    The Nock Family
    Deborah Reidy Norton ’86 and Bradley Norton
    Laura and Craig Notarianni
    Therese and Lawrence Oakar
    Colleen Moran O'Neil ’88
    Margaret and Vincent Petrella
    Donna and David Price
    Marilyn Schumann Raeth ’67 and Peter Raeth
    Lynne Bohn Rambasek '63 and James Rambasek
    Laura and Gerry Ramella
    Constance Ramirez '54L
    Carol O'Malley Richardson '76 and Brad Richardson
    Anthony Rini
    Joan Ryan
    Seuffert Construction Company, Inc.
    Sherwin-Williams Foundation
    Kati Kratus Small ’97 and Christopher Small
    Nancy and Patrick Sullivan
    Mary and Mousab Tabbaa
    The Thelma E. Holland Trust
    TM and NA O’Donnell Foundation
    William J. Todia, M.D.
    Gayle Meyer Winchester ’65 and Dennis Winchester
    The Wuliger Foundation
    Denise and Miguel Zubizarreta
  • Sister Bernadette Vetter Legacy Society

    Anonymous (4)
    Irene Allamen
    Nora Barrett
    Darold Basista
    Kelly Larson Broderick ’04 and John Broderick
    Mary Pat Ferron Canes ’63
    Elaine Andrews Carroll ’66 and Wilmer Carroll
    Debbie Cherry ’73 and James Helbling
    Moira Clark ’77 and Richard Clark
    Loretta and Robert Cleary
    Carol and Daniel Collins
    Diane and Thomas Coury
    Betty Dabrowski
    Brittan Burke DiSanto ’79 and Fred DiSanto
    Anne Marie Versagi Drew ’68
    Therese Fanta ’88 and Sheila Monroe
    Abbie Fox ’12 
    Margaret and Frank Geib
    Dede Hickey Geib ’76 and Daniel Geib
    Jeanne Haflinger ’69
    Fran Leisz Hayden ’62 and Thomas Hayden
    Katherine Bitterman Hazan ’86
    Chris Fridrich Higgins ’74 and Ralph Higgins, Jr.
    Anne and Brian Hurtuk
    Margaret and William Kaiser
    Maureen McNally Kelley ’83 and John Kelley
    Marilyn Maher Kennedy ’61 and James Kennedy
    Karen McGlynn Killeen ’64 and Michael Killeen
    Colleen and John Lance
    Jan Duffy Leitch ’68 and Jeffrey Leitch
    Toni Mesaros Marquard ’71 and Kenneth Marquard
    Mary Masny
    Adele and Willard Maurer
    Kevin McDonald
    Holly and Thomas McGowan
    Lynne McIntyre ’60
    Berta and Martin Mehall
    Ruth Merkle
    Amy Stakich Nageotte ’82 and Daniel Nageotte
    Kathy Naughton ’61
    Nancy Powell
    Lynne Bohn Rambasek ’63 and
    James Rambasek
    Maureen Rooney ’74 and Jane Barnes
    Rosemary and Bill Saas
    Maureen Karnatz Smith ’81 and Stephen Smith
    Maureen and W. Robert Spettel
    The Thelma E. Holland Trust
    Monica Roman Thomas
    Rose Volk
    Dianne Jacko Worsley ’80 and Christopher Worsley
  • Campaign Leadership Gifts

    Anonymous (2)
    Michele Sims Ahern ’85 and Patrick Ahern
    Bridget Barrett ’86
    Amanda Bartelme ’94
    Gabrielle Ata Christman ’99 and Scott Christman
    Lilian Reyes Cindric ’86 and Stephen Cindric
    Allison Nigro Coale ’97
    Molly McCarthy Connell ’00 and Christopher Connell
    Eorann Hickey Conway ’79 and Daniel Conway
    Brittan Burke DiSanto ’79 and Fred DiSanto
    Amy and Robert Fedor
    Meredith Lahl Foxx ’95
    Dede Hickey Geib ’76 and Daniel Geib
    Julie Sims Gibbons ’80 and Terry Gibbons
    Gina Palmieri Green ’94 and Christopher Green
    J. Harrington and Marie E. Glidden Foundation
    Rose Gates Jenne ’68 and Joe Hudak
    Linda Loesch Kelly ’77 and John Kelly
    Christine and Tom Kennedy
    Nancy and James Knuff
    Susan Carroll Lebold ’74 and John Lebold
    Jan Duffy Leitch ’68 and Jeffrey Leitch
    The Nock and Son Company
    Laura and Christopher Nortz
    The Past Presidents Foundation
    Marilyn Schumann Raeth ’67 and Peter Raeth
    Laura and Gerry Ramella
    Erin O'Grady Samenuk ’88 and John Samenuk
    Jenny Hayes Sims ’89 and Mark Sims
    Maureen Karnatz Smith ’81 and Stephen Smith
    Jennifer and Brian Walsh
  • Magnificat Gift Clubs

    MAGNIFIERS ($10,000+)
    Anonymous (3)
    Amanda Bartelme ’94
    Carol & Charles Rini Sr.
    Barbara Williams Carson ’78 and William Carson, Jr.
    Fiona Campbell Chambers ’90
    and Brian Chambers
    Maureen Cleary ’86
    Eorann Hickey Conway ’79 and Daniel Conway
    Ann Litzler Coyne ’88 and Terry Coyne
    Colleen Craven ’93
    John Curran
    Brittan Burke DiSanto ’79 and Fred DiSanto
    Amy and Robert Fedor
    Dede Hickey Geib ’76 and
    Daniel Geib
    J. Harrington and Marie E.
    Glidden Foundation
    The Howley Foundation
    Rose Gates Jenne ’68 and Joe Hudak
    John P. Murphy Foundation
    Crickett Karson ’70 and John Leibert
    Linda Loesch Kelly ’77 and John Kelly
    Christine and Tom Kennedy
    KeyBank Foundation
    Nancy and James Knuff
    Caroline and L. Joseph Lee
    Jan Duffy Leitch ’68 and Jeffrey Leitch
    Janis Domino Lynch ’78
    Mary Beth Mansour
    Kathy Dunham McElligott ’74 and Robert McElligott
    Merkle Foundation
    The Nock and Son Company
    Colleen Moran O'Neil ’88
    The Past Presidents
    Dinora and Ben Reichstein
    Rhonda and Thomas
    Carol Ann Rini
    Roundstone Insurance Ltd
    Sisters of the Humility of Mary
    Lisa Pellman Spicer ’90 and Ryan Spicer
    The Thomas J. Coltman
    Foundation Trust
    The Veale Foundation
    Mary Lu and George Wasmer

    LEADERS ($5,000-$9,999)
    Colleen and Brady Aldinger
    Ruth Ann Barrett ’64
    Susan and John Benevento
    Cathleen and Brian Bennett
    Carol and Mark Bodnar
    Christine Noga Booth ’88 and Dean Booth
    Margaret and Michael Cachat
    Brigid Kennedy Chambers ’95 and Connor Chambers
    Allison Nigro Coale ’97
    Constance M. Cooper
    Charitable Foundation
    Suzanne and Mark Dvoroznak
    Fidelity Foundation
    Frantz Ward LLP
    Giant Eagle Foundation, Inc.
    Gina Palmieri Green ’94 and
    Christopher Green
    Susan and Edward Hack
    John Hudec
    Kathleen Hull ’74 and
    Ernest Jacob
    Anne and Brian Hurtuk
    Teri Coury Ingleright ’80 and Bruce Ingleright
    Diann Dellafiora Jenne ’89 and Dean Jenne
    Jenne Distributors
    Carol Karnatz
    Lisa and Bob Kunkle
    Mazzella Companies
    Maggi and Robert Mooney
    Beatrice Moore
    Rose Haggerty and
    Peter Murphy
    Terri Holliday and
    Gregory Pacholski
    Parker Hannifin Corporation
    Marilyn Schumann Raeth ’67 and Peter Raeth
    Patti Dunham Ragland ’71 and Mark Ragland
    Laura and Gerry Ramella
    Constance Ramirez 
    RDF Logistics Inc
    Regency Construction
    Services, Inc.
    Reminger Foundation
    River City Wood Products, LLC
    Erin O'Grady Samenuk ’88 and John Samenuk
    Kati Kratus Small ’97 and
    Christopher Small
    The Stocker Foundation
    Monica Roman Thomas
    TM and NA O’Donnell
    Truwest Company LLC
    Vecchio And Shafer DDS
    Jennifer and Brian Walsh
    Kim and Rich Zamboldi
    Michele Sims Ahern ’85 and Patrick J. Ahern
    Armada Risk Partners, LLC
    Barbara and John Balk
    Sheila Kilbane Becker ’87 and John Becker
    Mary Beth Hoke Bedell '81 and Jack Bedell
    Denise Dzurec Bell '76 and Edward Bell
    Allan Bennett
    The Jodi L. Berg Fund
    Susan Black
    Debbie and John Bradford
    Brady Corporation
    Linda Bodziony Brogan ’84 and Dan Brogan
    Calfee, Halter & Griswold
    Karen Miller Campbell ’96 and Benjamin Campbell
    Nicki and Michael Cancelliere
    Mary Pat Ferron Canes ’63
    Kerry Bugala Capka ’88 and Paul Capka
    Susan Adler Carlin ’73 and
    Michael Carlin
    Jeanne Marie Carmody ’68 and Donald Schnackel
    Roxann and Michael Caserio
    Barbara Stefanic Cashin ’61
    Catholic Climate Covenant
    Maureen Siat Caulfield ’74 and Michael Caulfield
    Lilian Reyes Cindric ’86 and Stephen Cindric
    Citiroc Real Estate Company
    Cleveland Printwear
    College Now Greater
    Cleveland, Inc.
    Jeanne and Patrick Conway
    Katie Redmon Cooke ’87 and Lewis Cooke
    Anne Hoban Davalla ’71 and Lawrence Davalla
    Celia Sullivan Davis ’74 and Michael Davis
    Elizabeth DeChant
    DEX Imaging
    Patti Geib Dietz ’70 and
    Tom Dietz
    Colleen Duffy Elwood ’88 and Robert Elwood
    Ennis Court
    Katie Beirne Fallon ’94 and
    Brian Fallon
    Barbara Forslund and
    Robert Fedor, Sr.
    Kristen Distelhorst Flesch ’98 and Patrick Flesch
    Megan Gilson Fox ’86 and James Fox
    Meredith Lahl Foxx ’95
    Margie Vedda Furin ’75
    Bridget Gallagher ’02
    George’s Pawn Shop
    Julie Sims Gibbons ’80 and Terry Gibbons
    Gilead Sciences
    Jennifer and Steven Glass
    Kiki Dettling Goshay ’77
    Anne Cleary Grevey ’65 and Robert Grevey
    Pat Zimmer Hannemann ’67 and William Hannemann
    The Hartzell Family
    Fran Leisz Hayden ’62 and Thomas A. Hayden
    Meghan Curran Heintzen ’09
    Helen F. Stolier and Louis
    Stolier Family Foundation
    Chris Fridrich Higgins ’74 and Ralph Higgins, Jr.
    LuAnn and Kevin Hinkel
    Hippler Family Dentistry
    Elizabeth Hochwarth ’79
    John Horan
    Ann Huesken ’16
    Mary Ellen and Richard Huesken
    In His Steps Foundation
    J&F Transportation Co.
    Robert Johnson
    Lori Sherman Jolliffe ’87 and John Jolliffe
    Joyce Buick GMC
    Connie and Jack Kappus
    Amy and Brian Kelly
    Karen McGlynn Killeen ’64 and Michael Killeen
    Mary Kleinert
    Mary Ellen Kleinhenz ’67
    Patrice Allison Kubacki ’71 and Robert Kubacki
    Claudette Miller Landrum ’63
    Melinda and Matthew Lashutka
    Mrs. Mary-Margaret
    Laub Foundation
    James LaVigne
    Susan Carroll Lebold ’74 and John Lebold
    Jill Ledin ’89 and Joseph Znidarsic
    Barbara and Hal Leitch
    Meg Griffin Leneghan ’87 and Sean Leneghan
    Mary and Thomas Lucchesi
    Tricia Lynch ’85
    Magnificat Fathers’ Club
    Magnificat Mothers’ Club
    Malley’s Chocolates
    Kelly Markus ’90
    Mary Lou Mathews
    Dana and Peter McCabe
    Jane McGinnis McCarthy
    Santoro ’64
    Maureen McCloskey ’71
    Marie Ocampo McGlynn ’85 and Jim McGlynn
    Elizabeth Mannas
    McManamon ’96 and Pat McManamon
    Julie and Sean Miller
    Colleen Mountcastle ’91 and James Conway
    Mary Kay Cabot and William Murman
    Allyson and Matthew Murphy
    Catherine Ramella Myers ’01 and P.J. Myers
    Stacy and Steve Nock
    Deborah Reidy Norton ’86 and
    Bradley Norton
    Laura and Christopher Nortz
    Therese and Lawrence Oakar
    Lauren Pavlovich
    Payto Architects, Inc
    Corbin Petro ’97 and Jessica Gelman
    Pilot Plastics
    Shannon McGinty ’00
    Lindsay Szwed Platt ’02 and Joseph Platt
    Lisa Pompeii ’84
    Kathleen Casey Proctor ’89 and Jim Proctor
    Gene Ptacek
    Qatar Foundation
    International, LLC
    Lynne Bohn Rambasek ’63 and James Rambasek
    Patty Karnatz Ramey ’88 and Mark Ramey
    Carol O'Malley Richardson ’76 and Brad Richardson
    Meg Jeffers Rowe ’87 and Kevin Rowe
    RPM International, Inc.
    Marilyn Pavlik Ruddy ’62 and Raymond Ruddy
    Joan Ryan
    William Saas
    Carrie Kirk Schroen ’94 and Guy Schroen
    Margaret and William
    Chris Seuffert ’72 and
    John Kiczek
    Sherwin-Williams Foundation
    Sibling Revelry Brewing
    Jennifer and Mark Sims
    Mary Onusko Smith ’76 and Bernard Smith
    Snider-Blake Personnel
    Ellen and Brian Spear
    St. Edward High School
    St. Ignatius High School
    Kristie Pudlock Stanfield ’88
    Agnes and Andrew Strada
    Nancy and Patrick Sullivan
    Joan Coming Swanberg ’77 and Gregory Swanberg
    Ashley Mann Taseff ’96 and
    Damon Taseff
    The Law Offices of Cara L.
    Santosuosso, LLC
    The Law Offices of Tim Misny
    The Marsha Lee Miko Foundation Inc.
    Anne Marie Prunty Thomas ’88
    and Richard Thomas
    Amy and Matt Thompson
    UBS Foundation
    Linda Korcuska Uhlir ’84 and Paul Uhlir
    Kristen Latkovic Wallace ’95 and Wayne Wallace
    Kimberly and Marc Walrod
    Judith and Michael Waters
    Mary and Christopher Wolf
  • 2023 Magnificat SGO Gifts

    Anonymous (4)
    Patricia Fitzgerald and Eugene Andres
    Tracy and Jared Aquilla
    Pati O'Neill Arth '70 and Raymond Arth
    Joyce Baier '61
    Bridget Barrett '86
    Joan Marquard Barrett '74 and Thomas Barrett
    Kerry Barrett '10
    Leslie and William Beck
    Sheila Kilbane Becker '87 and John Becker
    Lisa Beckler
    Mary Beth Hoke Bedell '81 and Jack Bedell
    Cathleen and Brian Bennett
    Caitlin MacBride Berg '10
    Megen West Berry '82 and Marty Berry
    Melissa and Bryan Bibbo
    Liz Sullivan Biggers '08
    Barbara Waitkus Billings '86
    Eileen Bitterman, Esq. '87
    Caitlin Blake '06
    Sarah and Michael Boddy
    Barbara Martens Brindza '69 and David Brindza
    Eileen Victoriano Brown '98
    Nancy Mikel Bulic '89 and Anthony Bulic
    Vikki and Jerry Cahill
    Caroline Caldart '15
    Claire Caldart '17
    Kathy Ward Caldart '80 and Don Caldart
    Kerry Bugala Capka '88 and Paul Capka
    Nora and Brian Carey
    Patricia Carlin
    Maureen and John Castele
    Mary and Nector Castro
    Fiona Campbell Chambers '90 and Brian Chambers
    Mary Beth and Dennis Chambers
    Terese and Thomas Chevalier
    Lilian Reyes Cindric '86 and Stephen Cindric
    Moira Clark '77
    Rebecca Malloy Clark '91 and John Clark
    Molly McCarthy Connell '00 and Christopher Connell
    Paula Kalil Conroy '90 and Brian Conroy
    Karin and Frank Conway
    Kathleen and Christopher Cooper
    Peggy and Vince Cremona
    Katherine Cruz '91
    Dawn and Thomas Cupach
    Sue Niehaus Del Vecchio '73 and Paul Del Vecchio
    Therese Durbin Delgado '83 and Dale Delgado
    Kristina DePaolo Carlin '97 and David Carlin
    Rejeanne Desrosiers
    Mary Cay Doherty
    Susan and Kristopher Dornan
    Jennifer M. Nappier '01
    Deborah Durbin 81
    Kim and Peter Durbin
    Susan and Robert Dylong, Jr.
    Jennifer Spellacy Dzina '97 and Daniel Dzina, Jr.
    Annie Ertle '13
    Amy Mielke Fagan, Ph.D. '94 and Brad Fagan
    Patricia Kehoe Fagan '63 and Patrick Fagan
    Stacy and John Farnan
    Cynthia and Jeffrey Ford
    Suzanne Buddie Forsgren '67 and Brian Forsgren
    Colleen Hannon Galla '91 and Greg Galla
    Bridget Gallagher '02
    Daniel Gallagher
    Sheila and Paul Gallagher
    Lise Hickey Gardner '71 and Francis Gardner
    Eileen and Charles Garven
    Patricia Gaul
    Katie Niehaus Gerba '90 and Stephen Gerba
    Marilyn Duffy Gesing '71 and James Gesing
    Jennifer and Steven Glass
    Emily Godlewski-Celik, MD '01
    Karen Thornton Graves '72 and Mark Graves
    Barb Graw Kikta '69 and Paul Kikta
    Marcie Groesbeck '75 and Bryan Hecht
    Janetta Hammock
    Esther and John Hanicak
    Kelly and David Harris
    Bridget Harrison '02
    The Hartzell Family
    Fran Leisz Hayden '62 and Thomas Hayden
    Eva-Marie and Christopher Heinzmann
    Elizabeth and Christopher Hickey
    Katie Higgins '99 and Patrick Britton
    Heather Hodges '64
    Mary Ann and J. Douglas Hofherr
    Kathleen Rose Honohan '79
    Stephanie and Chris Hope
    Tracey Hruska Howe '86 and Robert Howe
    Stacey and Brian Hrabak
    Carol Prokop Janas '65
    Terri and David Jankowski
    Nancy and Michael Jones
    Shameka Jones Taylor
    Jenny and Richard Juergens
    Carol Karnatz
    Frances Kehoe '61
    Amy and Brian Kelly
    Linda Loesch Kelly '77 and John Kelly
    Maureen Casserly Kelly '87 and Kevin Kelly
    Christine and Tom Kennedy
    Jen Coughlin Kennedy '95 and Matthew Kennedy
    Mary and Rustom Khouri
    Marie Kilbane Seckers '85 and James Seckers
    Karen McGlynn Killeen '64 and Michael Killeen
    Margaret and Dominic Kilroy
    Kathleen and Karl Kniely
    Amy and Charles Knittel
    Kathleen Heintel Knittel '64 and Thomas Knittel
    Anna MacBride Kocab '12
    Laura Lavelle Kowalski '97 and Mike Kowalski
    Amanda and Ryan Kozak
    Peggy Noonan Kranyak '71 and Jeff Mertic
    Lauren Krevis '14
    Noreen McMahon Krevis '81 and Edwin A. Krevis
    Maggie Mroz Lamb '84 and John Lamb
    Kelly Compiseno Lamirand '94 and Dean Lamirand
    Anne and Michael Lavelle
    Jane and Ian Lawrence
    Molly Corrigan Lipscomb '84 and Tyler Lipscomb
    Audrey and Kenneth Luke
    Ann and Vid Lutz
    Kate and Pat MacBride
    Cheryl and Mark Mackson
    Bridget MacMillan '83 and Dave DiCicco
    Melissa and Dan Malley
    Mary and Brian Marita
    Carol and Joseph Martin
    Kate McSweeney Mayer '75 and Richard S. Mayer
    Dana and Peter McCabe
    Christine and Patrick McCarthy
    William McCormick
    Eileen Murphy and Timothy McGuire
    Patricia McHugh
    Karen Coyne McLaughlin '78 and Thomas McLaughlin
    Margaret Jarc McLaughlin '89 and Jim McLaughlin
    Amy and James McMahon
    Janet Metro
    Kristen Gesing Milford '96
    Margaret Minarik '15
    Ann and Paul Misterka
    Julia Mitchell '96
    Nikki Clevenger Mohar '89 and Frank Mohar
    Mary Lou Morella '67 and Irwin Epstein
    Karen Duffy Morley '78 and Bill Morley
    Colleen Mountcastle '91 and James Conway
    Jaclyn and Brian Musselman
    Maureen and John Musson
    Mara van der Oord Myers '97 and James Myers
    Julie Schriner Nader '79
    Amy Stakich Nageotte '82 and Daniel Nageotte
    Kimberly Newell '89
    Anne Marquard Nicolay '77 and Robert Nicolay
    Sarah and Peter Nintcheff
    Sandy and CJ Nock
    Laura and Christopher Nortz
    Imad and Bayda Nouneh
    Julie and Barry Novasel
    Donna O'Brien '62
    Hallee and Kevin O'Brien
    Margie Kehoe O'Shaughnessy '62
    Emily Garr Pacetti '01 and Paul Pacetti
    Linda Rice Pastor '77 and David Pastor
    Marne Rambasek Pechota '96 and Aaron Pechota
    Richard Phillips
    Lisa Pompeii '84
    Kathleen Casey Proctor '89 and Jim Proctor
    Leah Proctor '18
    Julie and Robert Quinn
    Marilyn Schumann Raeth '67 and Peter Raeth
    Loretta and Thomas Rajnicek
    Lynne Bohn Rambasek '63 and James Rambasek
    Dinora and Ben Reichstein
    Julie Hudec Reines and Joe Reines
    Carol O'Malley Richardson '76 and Brad Richardson
    Marianne Rinaldo '85
    Eileen Kilroy Ritchie and James Ritchie
    Rose and John Robinson
    Karen and Garry Roggenburk
    Meg Jeffers Rowe '87 and Kevin Rowe
    Megan Stroh Rutkowski '98
    Dolores Sankovich
    Susan Kovacs Santos '88 and William Santos
    Teresa Bartsche Sayre '92
    Hallie Schiovoni
    Connie and Donald Schoeplein
    Chris Seuffert '72 and John Kiczek
    Meg Shrewsbury
    Cheryl Simecek '90
    Gregory Sislak
    Beth Guzowski Skierski '00 and Al Skierski
    Kristen Slattery '01 and Tomas Csajka
    Christine Rini Slyman '84 and Greg Slyman
    Bridget and Jason Stalla
    Cathy Martin Stanton '70 and Andrew Kereky
    Maureen McCafferty Stanton '92 and Matt Stanton
    Cheryl O'Malley Steele '75 and John P. Steele
    Terry Rothman Steirer '69 and Joseph Steirer
    Agnes and Andrew Strada
    Suzanne and Joseph Sullivan
    Sonja Summer '14
    Andrea Tabor '77
    Paula and Mark Thompson
    Karen Ryan Tigue '85 and Jeff Tigue
    Diane and Richard Tomer
    Mary and Mark Twohig
    Trisha and Ernie Vargo
    Kimberly and Marc Walrod
    Jennifer and Brian Walsh
    Kathleen Whitford '75
    Erica and Jeffrey Williams
    Cara and Paul Wilson
    Molly McCormick Woidke '13
    Cynthia and Andrew Woomer
    Moira McAndrew Wopershall '93
    Julia and Seth Young
  • Alumnae Donors 1959-1969

    Mary Anderson Beans
    Kathryn Brunner
    Kathy Kehoe Christy
    Kathleen Cleary
    Carol Ann Detzel Olson Cotter*
    Rini McGannon Gauntner
    Carolyn Curran Nolan
    Katie Hebing Reidy
    Judith Sating Riley
    Kathie Heverin Sambora
    Karen Schoeplein Turgeon
    Carol Watchler

    Pauline Alma
    Ruth Bordine Furbee
    Rita Schoppner Glover
    Mary Wanninger Goodwin
    Jane Kinney
    Barbara Reis LaPonza
    Sharon Christie Mair
    Colleen O'Brien McCarthy
    Lynne McIntyre
    Sandra Horvath Morrissey
    Gloria McCormick O'Donnell
    Patricia Brannen Rosenberg
    Helen DeCrane Roth
    Ann Reali Sciarrino
    Sharon Scarpino Sharpe
    Karen Shuttler Tallon
    Kathleen Crubaugh Warner
    Nancy Anders Wheaton
    Kathryn O'Connor Zeigler

    Sandra Wilbert App
    Joyce Baier
    Barbara Stefanic Cashin*
    Barbara Cella*
    Noreen Gavin Collins
    Marilyn McDermott Gallagher
    Karen Barrett Gannon
    Kathleen O'Brien Graney
    Judy Nisius Hagan
    Sheila McDonough Holmes
    Mary Nell Stroh Jewett
    Gerri Trope Joecken
    Frances Kehoe
    Bonnie Gestrich Kluttz
    Pat Burke McAndrew
    Kathy Naughton
    Carol Petrie
    Helen Hoff Previts
    Rosemary Berry Ptak
    Donna Dowling Sheridan

    Peggy Crouse Bradford
    Nancy Novince DuLaurence
    Susan Walkowiak Hannon
    Fran Leisz Hayden
    Mary Anne Dorenkott Kuhn
    Kathleen Adams Neffenger
    Margie Kehoe O'Shaughnessy
    Marilyn Pavlik Ruddy
    Betty Wilber Ryan
    Lenore Holmes Sims
    Nannette Engler Spratt

    Mary Cay Fleming Andrikidis
    Mary Lovas Bird
    Sandy Reesing Boyer
    Ellen Canepa Brzytwa
    Mary Ellen Butler Cahill
    Mary Pat Ferron Canes
    Caroline Clinton Farrar
    Kathleen Filkins
    Carol Riley Furstenau
    Peggy King Goodwin
    Janet Giantonio Groft
    Pat Hageman
    Joanna Hill Heyd
    Carolyn Hildebrandt
    Marilyn Ross Justus
    Claudette Miller Landrum
    Maryann Ashby Lewis
    Anne Mather
    Diane Nisius Pavella
    Helen Kuhn Pigage
    Lynn Bohn Rambasek
    Peg Schloff Rowland
    Carol A. Savage
    Cathy Coates Slemenda
    Linda Curtis Van Rooy Miller

    Ruth Ann Barrett
    Mary Martin Boyert
    Susan McAvoy Brimus
    Kathleen Callanan
    Josephine Costanzo Carpenter
    Maria Catalano
    Anne Kuhn Gartner
    Mary Sheehan Hall
    Heather Hodges
    Sandra Hostacky
    Cathy Holliday Jacob
    Karen McGlynn Killeen
    Margie Geiger Krebs
    Janice Stelbasky Kundtz
    Elizabeth Leyen
    Sharon Lowery
    Colleen McGinty
    Jeanne Boyle Mitisek
    Marie Kara Montgomery
    Barbara Moore
    Carol Lionetti Palmer
    Susan Rush Radway
    Cynthia Carroll Rhoads
    Karen M. Salway
    Jane McCarthy Santoro
    Judith Mertz Sawitzke
    Maureen Murphy Sheehan
    Judi Nieberding Slife
    Pamela McCoy Spicer
    Ann Massa Stobe
    Anita Hibler Tuchrello
    Rannigan Walsh
    Barbara Walsh Winnen
    Sue Armstrong Zak
    Maria Calabrese Zickuhr

    Karen Altmos
    Patricia English Aveni
    Eileen Kelly Barry
    Liz Gottemoeller Bartelme
    Kathleen Boston
    Kathleen Klotz Croshal
    Kathy Baluk Demery
    Ginny Kelly Galeota
    Kathy Galvin Gilronan
    Sharon McGrail Goggin
    Joanne Shimko Gorges
    Jennifer Hagan Graham
    Anne Cleary Grevey
    Molly Curtis Hanley
    Betsy Mueller Heil
    Judy Linden Kornokovich
    Mary Neff Myers
    Carolyn Seufert
    Dolores Snelly
    Joyce Morrison Stiefel
    Marylou Haley Straub
    Marcia Miller Urban
    Karen Walsh

    Kathy Connare Andrews
    JoAnne Anter Ata
    Pamela Carey Batz
    Therese Huzvar Beatie
    Nancy Lempke Bekeny
    Rose Marie Schneider Boll
    Eileen O'Neill Burchell
    Carolyn Geib Buza
    Linda Chapla
    Christine Mayher Connors
    Peggy O'Bryan Doheny
    Georgeann Hickernell Holton
    Therese Sexton Johnson
    Jacqueline  Kelly, M.D.
    Margie Sutton Khouri
    Eileen Chesser Matyjasik
    Joyce Patterson Melzer
    Kathy Gable Oehlke
    Sharon Palombo Pashayan
    Shelley Wade Risner

    Barbara Boyle
    Barbara Chester Serpa
    Catherine Tritschler-Hall
    Dianne Anders Fisher
    Elizabeth Hallett Pakosz
    Frances Schmeller Moore
    Gretchen Graff Walton
    Jackie Stringer
    Janine McCloskey Conner
    Kathleen Lyons
    Laura Nyhan Szucs
    Lois Burger Finlin
    Marge Lordo Hopkins
    Marie Menoni Pfeiffer
    Marilyn Schumann Raeth
    Mary Ellen Kleinhenz
    Mary Gerhart, OD
    Mary Kocab Malloy
    Mary Lou Morella
    Mary McGraw Martin
    Pat Zimmer Hannemann
    Sandra Vallee Corrigan
    Sheila Anglin Gregg
    Suzanne Buddie Forsgren

    Donna McClain Ardire
    Maria Frick Bawol
    Jeanne Marie Carmody
    Karen Leisz Crandall
    Mary Smith Craven
    Connie Cachat Dykas
    Ruth Reali Garry
    Joanne Reesing Jankowski
    Rose Gates Jenne
    Carole Kubacki Kihm
    Deborah Sonnhalter Kill
    Chris Eynon Kitchens
    Lynda Krupp
    Jan Duffy Leitch
    Nancy Stevens Mack
    Laura Schmitz Macken
    Pamela Maloof
    M. Patrice McCarthy, PhD
    Judy Azman Robbins
    Laura Theil Stearns
    Michele Stoffan
    Joanne Roth Turner
    Mary Solma Verbick
    Rosemary Sheehan Werner
    Mary Beth McDonough Zabriskie

    Jacqueline Welsh Bjaloncik
    Barbara Byrnes-Lenarcic
    Maribeth Cashman Coughlin
    Laura Mazurek Damask
    Kathleen Fitzgerald Donofrio
    Bernardette Novy Enochian
    Sharon Gaughan
    Ann Marquard Gilbert
    Kathy Graf Grady
    Barbara Graw-Kikta
    Judy VanDeventer Hudak
    Susan Bracken Kelleher
    Susan Marquard Kramer
    Joan Zahurancik McNeeley
    Michelle Moran
    Janet O'Connor
    Terry Rothman Steirer
    Janet Walkowiak Striegl
    Mariellen Stupp
    Mary Pat Sullivan
    Teresa Frangella Szabolcs
    Margy Kleinhenz Tritschler
    JoAnn Hesseman Westphal
    Barbara Schlotman Williams
  • Alumnae Donors 1970-1979

    Pati O'Neill Arth
    Mary Balog
    Marivonne Basten
    Claudia Gosky Benner
    Marie Campagna
    Christine Kelly Casey
    Patricia Knittel Cost
    Teresa Vasu DeChant
    Patti Geib Dietz
    Jerilyn Hagan
    Trish Cleary Harris
    Crickett  Karson
    Nancy Kennedy
    Anne Doheny Krueger
    Chris Curtis Myers
    Jackie O'Malley Needham
    Cathy Bichl Nowlin
    Denise Salerni Prosser
    Meg Koch Scharf
    Patricia Young Sidebotham
    Gail Barry Sullivan
    Donna Nedbal Williams

    Ann Urig Bradway
    Anne Hoban Davalla
    Lise Hickey Gardner
    Patricia Gaughan
    Marilyn Duffy Gesing
    Lori Gunn Huber
    Kathy Butler Kraft
    Patrice Allison Kubacki
    Maureen McCloskey
    Kate Corrigan Myers
    Cecelia Mylett
    Kathy Rinebolt Perko
    Patti Dunham Ragland
    Molly Gibbons Robinson
    Maureen Kelley Rytel
    Mary Ann Kirschnick Sonnhalter
    Lyn Richardson Travis

    Maggi Barth
    Elaine Blasko
    Karen Kosch Bowley
    Annmarie Kehoe Butera
    Regina Niedzwiecki Cassidy
    Patricia Culler
    Dianne Troxil Davis
    Mary Kay DeGrandis Donnelly
    Julie Buddie Douglass
    Kay Mathews Doyle
    Margaret Ehrbar
    Ann McConville Everett
    Janis Laule Fasko
    Kathleen Myers Fuller
    Katie Gravens
    Karen Thornton Graves
    Jane Sroka Hern
    Frances Gorman Homa
    Loretta Ivany-Likavec
    Mary Beth Schmitz Johnson
    Mary Jane Kennedy
    Susan Santalucia Lightle
    Carol Matejcik Logar
    Ann Ellerbrock Miller
    Darlene Moutoux
    Ann Frangella Mrozinski
    Maria Perez-Stable
    Maureen McLaughlin Pugh
    Paula Rini
    Martha A. Rose
    Chris Seuffert
    Carol Neubauer Smorag
    Donna Tushar Straka
    Mary Sue Anter Tanis
    Susan Urig
    Michele Warholic
    Laura Famiano Wirth

    Lesley Schumacher Bauer
    Kathleen Berry, CFSP
    Clare Adams Blake
    Dr. Susan Carlin
    Michelle McLaughlin Cox
    Sue Niehaus Del Vecchio
    Ann Deighan Drescher
    Ann Moyer Hunt
    Lyn Urig Keeney
    Collette Hagan Malinak
    Elizabeth Heben May
    Ann McAulay
    Michele Wallace McMath
    Colleen McSweeney
    Marcia Kanally Miller
    Maureen Weber Niese
    Leslie Carlin Pritchard
    Deborah Smith Reale
    Maureen Cannon Rosfelder
    Brenda Sickle Santanello
    Patty Schirmer Smith
    Mary Magazzine Tucciarone
    Kim Vivolo
    Judy Vojtech
    Christine Gorski Ward

    Pamela McCormick Barkman
    Maureen Siat Caulfield
    Barbara Bennett Corcoran
    Celia Sullivan Davis
    Chris Fridrich Higgins
    Kathy Hull
    Catherine Squance Jarrett
    Beth Carey Kish
    Susan Carroll Lebold
    Judith Byrnes Leduc
    Kathy Dunham McElligott
    Judy Mathews Nash
    Janet Figgers Newport
    Janet Phillips
    Nancy Niehaus Quinn
    Maureen B. Rooney
    Mary McGreal Sauer
    Cyndee Bumm Shirk
    Joan Stanbrook Sustarsic

    Julie Canepa
    Jann DeChant
    Deborah Schilens Dillemuth
    Bonnie Breen DiMarino
    Margie Vedda Furin
    Marcie Groesbeck
    Maureen Bradesca Johnson
    Kate McSweeney Mayer
    Janice Mansfield McNichol
    Mary Clare Fanta Oberst
    Mary Covell Rhoades
    Mary Jo Slattery

    Marilyn Knox Arundel
    Denise Dzurec Bell
    Terri Fumich
    Dede Hickey Geib
    Karen Cannon Janettas
    Kimberley Ketterer
    Carol O'Malley Richardson
    Mary Onusko Smith
    Pamela Petrella Wolff

    Lynn Schram Aprile
    Moira Clark
    Kiki Dettling Goshay
    Colleen Hauer
    Gerry Schirmer Hauer
    Michele McGarry Iammarino
    Colleen Palmer Janek
    Linda Loesch Kelly
    Joan Gallagher McCarthy
    Sandra Miller Meadema
    Karen Scheible Michalczyk
    Laura Loshing Navin
    Molly Allison Rose
    Linda Seikel Slife
    Nancy Zeber Spicuzza
    Mary Spellacy Stilphen
    Joan Coming Swanberg

    Sis Corrigan Adkins
    BettyAnn Sutton Amoroso
    Barbara Williams Carson
    Anna Embrescia
    Ragan Portaro Folan
    Janis Domino Lynch
    Mary Louise Madigan
    Jean Malloy
    Noreen McCafferty
    Karen Duffy Morley

    Sheila Kelleher Berman
    Laura Hauer Brabenec
    Kathleen Pilhartz Byrnes
    Sharon Conrad
    Eorann Hickey Conway
    Brittan Burke DiSanto
    Laurie Finnegan Fox
    Carrie Goold
    Elizabeth K. Hochwarth
    Annie Waitkus Kilbane
    Kathy Kubinski LaMantia
    Jennifer Wright Mastroianni
    Julie Schriner Nader
    Cheryl Bodziony Nickels
    Mary Cachat Papa
    Karolyn Kalt Schafer
  • Alumnae Donors 1980-1989

    Cathy Telzerow Breen
    Kathy Ward Caldart
    Pamela Conyngham
    Mary Beth Seikel Crummer
    Kathy Fagan Devanski
    Mariellen Wolff Deyling
    Kathy Farrell English
    Sarah Hubach Finnegan
    Nancy Gorie Gallin
    Julie Sims Gibbons
    Teri Coury Ingleright
    Catherine Kilbane
    Kim Kalil Mahon
    Maggie Riley McCarthy
    Lisa Rice Medas
    Stephanie Moore
    Lydia Hidalgo Seidel
    Sue Schriner Sullivan
    Eileen M. Svajger

    Paula Painchaud Axford
    Mary Beth Hoke Bedell
    Lisa Dellafiora
    Mary Beth Bennett Flynn
    Kathryn Lownik Holley
    Patricia McGuire Kessler
    Agnes Meyo
    Janet Saas Pier
    Kathryn Groesbeck Quinn
    Mary Lou Mitsch Ruma
    Beth Gallagher Schwede
    Denise Shepherd
    Maureen Karnatz Smith
    Kitty Collier Storey
    Cynthia Weiskittel

    Maria Bardossy
    Moira Caliguire
    Ellen Sammon Carson
    Colleen O'Reilly Garvey
    Anne Beard Kokoskie
    Maureen Dorsey Kudlac
    Mary Kay Kennedy Laska
    Anne Karnatz Manno
    Colleen Carlin McCafferty
    Mary Montforton Meler
    Amy Stakich Nageotte
    Paula Reddy
    Ann Zoller

    Colleen Fagan Bonner
    Mary Kay Haneline Costello
    Mary Hughes Geffroy
    Cheryl Coste Haudenschild
    Laurie Kasarda Hertelendy
    Michelle Partyka Hillstrom
    Peggy Kaye Jones
    Karen Koral
    Jennifer Lavelle
    Bridget MacMillan
    Lynn Myers McKenna
    Patti Nugent
    Kelly McKenna Otter
    Ellen Brooks Van Oosten

    Linda Bodziony Brogan
    Brigid Campbell Burzanko
    Marta Cutarelli
    Elise Tomsik Edelman
    Ellen Caruso Fatica
    Cara Knisley Gallagher
    Jennifer Goold-McAndrews
    Sue Kasarda Henthorn
    Nancy M. Hudak
    Maggie Mroz Lamb
    Molly Corrigan Lipscomb
    Celestine Richards McConville
    Deborah Kovach Miller
    Cathie Papalardo Niccoli
    Julie O'Brien
    Lisa Pompeii, PhD
    Christine Rini Slyman
    Annemarie Synek
    Mary Lou Schlosser Toler
    Sara Schoeck Tozzi
    Linda Korcuska Uhlir
    Barbara Kappus Ward

    Dena Rhodes Adler
    Michele Sims Ahern
    Kimberly Brandt
    Monica Rogozinski Castele
    Terry Kilbane Fortin
    Kristen Sabetta Fortino
    Linda Graves
    Karen Haas Grelson
    Tricia Lynch
    Faith Hruby Manning
    Nancy McGuire Marks
    Marie Ocampo McGlynn
    Mary Brigid O'Toole O’Toole-Ryan
    Marianne Rinaldo
    Christine Coyne Ross
    Julie Meluch Sparks
    Karen Ryan Tigue
    Laura Toolis

    Bridget Barrett
    Barbara Waitkus Billings
    Leslie Rigal Braat
    Kristen Somoles Chapman
    Lilian Reyes Cindric
    Maureen Cleary
    Cheryl Coyne
    Kimberly Dahlhausen
    Molly Sullivan deJesus
    Kathleen Dorsey
    Maureen Cooney Flanagan
    Megan Gilson Fox
    Tracey Hruska Howe
    Kelly Joyce-DiIorio
    Christine McGrath Kamrass
    Katie McKane Kaspar
    Lynn Mikel Lally
    Joan Layden-Kopka
    Karen Maschmeier
    Mary Kay Lange McDade
    Nora McNamara
    Debbie Reidy Norton
    Colleen O'Donnell Nugent
    Gina LaVecchia Ragone
    Susan Reid
    Lora Hennessey Richardson
    Mary Beth McNally Tirpak
    Bridgid McNamara Whitford
    Nancy Gulick Wild

    Dora Johnson Barlow
    Eileen Bitterman
    Anne Sweeney Bryden
    Katie Redmon Cooke
    Debra Hewitt Croyle
    Rita Cutarelli
    Lori Anne Dyke
    Julie Frindt-Mennen
    Christa Harp
    Michelle Duffy Hauck
    Julie Lesko Haylor
    Loretta Sherman Jolliffe
    Maureen Casserly Kelly
    Dara Krueger
    Meg Griffin Leneghan
    Kimberly Erhardt Pawlowski
    Barbara Hewitt Pedigo
    Ann Podeszwa
    Karen Randell Reinart
    Meg Jeffers Rowe
    Mary LaFlamme Sarkisian

    Anissa Korom Pauer
    Ann Litzler Coyne
    Anne Marie Prunty Thomas
    Bernadette McHugh Maloney
    Chris Noga Booth, MD
    Christine Austin Christopher
    Christine Harder
    Colleen Duffy Elwood
    Colleen Moran O'Neil
    Dionne Tarka Boler
    Erin O'Grady Samenuk
    Kerry Bugala Capka
    Kristie M. Pudlock Stanfield
    Molly Miles McCourt
    Nina Kennedy Varga
    Patricia O'Grady Fratini
    Patty Karnatz Ramey
    Susan Kovacs Santos

    Therese Nieberding Andrus
    Nancy Mikel Bulic
    Theresa Nairus Cooney
    Susan Curtis
    Heather Maloof Donovan
    Kathleen Gallagher Fay
    Nicole Rini Fenix
    Annie Cahill Kelly
    Mary Lashutka
    Jill Ledin
    Mary Beth Usalis Low
    Margaret Jarc McLaughlin
    Carol Miller
    Nikki Clevenger Mohar
    Trude McDonough Piscitelli
    Jenny Hayes Sims
    Maggie Reichard Wolf
  • Alumnae Donors 1990-1999

    Mary-Kate Nocella Carpenter
    Fiona Campbell Chambers
    Michelle Lamirand Cook
    Jennifer Bohne Diller
    Sharon Tancredi Ianiro
    Cathy MacMillan
    Kelly Markus
    Adelaide Juguilon Reilly
    Cheryl Simecek
    Lisa Pellman Spicer

    Rani Baishnab-Kindl
    Katherine Cruz
    Jennifer DeJohn
    Kate Comerford Doherty
    Eva Domotorffy
    Colleen McMahon Fitzpatrick
    Cara Santosuosso Foutty
    Kristin Guscott
    Jane Hannon
    Elizabeth Howard
    Colleen Mountcastle
    Cheryl Hayden Ozark
    Katherine Gallagher Petrilla
    Elizabeth Tigue Thibodeaux
    Megan Gauntner Tsiamis
    Shelly Yondo Young

    Genevieve Adamo
    Roberta Bobal-Savage
    Emily Clark, PhD
    Mary Curran
    Jen Cachat Davis
    Kristen Dickerhoof Eiermann
    Betsy Schmitz Jones
    Allison Lambert
    Sis Malley
    Elizabeth Wagner McDonough
    Jennifer Radwan McDowell
    Ellen Grady McGinty
    Nicole Sands McNeeley
    Molly Dorsey Nupp
    Mary Kay Patton Osredkar
    Megan Wells Rojka
    Elizabeth Osiecki Schiltz
    Theresa Moore Simek
    Maureen McCafferty Stanton
    Carrie Wagner

    Lisa Giannetti Anghilante
    Colleen Craven
    Megan McKay DeFrancisis
    Suzanne Duddy
    Mary Pavlovich Mignatti
    Rita Baishnab Perrine
    Cynthia Sotelo
    Sandy Guzowski Supler
    Kristen Ward
    Moira McAndrew Wopershall

    Deanna Chakan Barnicoat
    Amanda Bartelme
    Laura Cancelliere DeGrandis
    Rochelle Rees Dunn
    Jayne Micuch Faber
    Amy Mielke Fagan, PhD
    Katie Beirne Fallon
    Christine Marrapese Farrell
    Gina Palmieri Green
    Beth Haas
    Karrie Kerrigan
    Christine LaSalvia
    Ellen Berichon Murphy
    Anne Wynocker Pugliese
    Carrie Kirk Schroen
    Hollie Chapek Vokal

    Meghan Amberik
    Tammy Vehar Ardire
    Stephanie Thomas Barlin
    Maureen Gauntner Capellas
    Brigid Kennedy Chambers
    Lisa Zamborsky Colbert
    Natalie Sidari Corrigan
    Meredith Lahl Foxx
    Joan M. French
    Colleen Glass
    Mary Previts Helton
    Megan Houser
    Jennifer Coughlin Kennedy
    Karin Mikovich Kuta
    Margaret McIntyre-Stacy
    Sarah Lally Pap
    Kathleen Ryan
    Kari Carter Samuels
    Aimee Stoffel Sayles
    Aly Vanek Schroeder
    Libby Reichard Sims
    Kristen Latkovic Wallace
    Jamy McMahon Zadel

    Nancy Mustapic Bradford
    Karen Miller Campbell
    Kathryn Costello-Bryant
    Megan Berg Donnelly
    Arlene Marie Glowe Finlay
    Amy McDermott Jones
    Kelly King
    Kristen Hanzel LaPorte
    Elizabeth Mannas McManamon
    Deborah Patton
    Jeni Reichard Singleton

    Russi AbuZahrieh
    Jennifer Blaney
    Jennifer Buza
    Meghann Hubach Campbell
    Nora French Campbell
    Rita Shaia Cavalier
    Kathryn Dickerhoof Clark
    Allison Nigro Coale
    Lindsey Council
    Syma Dar, M.D.
    Bridget Hall Dixon
    Jennifer Spellacy Dzina
    Colleen Brennan Fleming
    Jill Frawley
    Mary Boag French
    Kit Gazley Ginley
    Diane Horvath
    Andrea DeNova Iacano
    Emelyn Edejer Jacobson
    Shadi Johnston
    Katie Joyce Kalish
    Laura Lavelle Kowalski
    Nicole Pescatrice Kramer
    Mary Beth Simiele McAteer
    Mara van der Oord Myers
    Sara Kitchen Pesut
    Corbin Petro
    Susan Guzowski Pichotta
    Gina Massey Roig
    Brigid Reilley Schaefer
    Shannon Mott Schur
    Maura Shepard
    Lauren Sims
    Kerry Slife
    Kati Kratus Small
    Sheila McGuire Smith
    Shanna Stosak
    Katherine Thornton Westerfield
    Nicole Sullivan Zabaneh
    Rachel Starkey Zbiegien

    Sarah Likavec Ardire
    Cassie Bartelme
    Tara Romes Beziat, PhD
    Brittan McCarthy Brilly
    Beth Onusko Cafferkey
    Nora Dickey
    Kristen Distelhorst Flesch
    Elizabeth Buck Fox
    Liz Kalfas
    Julia Noveske Kobulsky, PhD
    Elizabeth Wilgus Malik
    Allyson Soja McCloud
    Julie Davalla McGarey
    Megan Stroh Rutkowski
    Kimberly Worden Summers
    Shannon Tarr
    Kate Peatridge Walsh

    Jennifer Andrasko
    Gabrielle Ata Christman
    Laura Guzowski Demchuk
    Kate Hannon Fleming
    Maggie Gibbons Gedeon
    Katie Higgins
    Mary Beth Miklich Lambert
    Brittany Crawford Rossford
    Julie R. Sofka
    Molly Vaughan
    Darby Corna Vinciguerra
  • Alumnae Donors 2000-2022

    Elizabeth Bernardi
    Katie Gunsch Boucher
    Molly McCarthy Connell
    Jessica Arth Dickinson
    Molly Hogan Harvey
    Melanie Shaerban Irvin
    Julie Bennett Megyimori
    Mary Nedell
    Shannon Piotrowski
    Jennifer Parobechek Ransom
    Beth Guzowski Skierski
    Megan Soeder
    Mandy Shaerban Steyer
    Catherine Kahl Taylor
    Kathryn French Taylor
    Lydia Timko

    Jamie Thomas Bailey
    Erin Joyce Beirne
    Geetha Rao Davis, MD
    Meredith Fergus
    Emily Garvey
    Caitlin Feikle Klug
    Caitlin Lynch-Huggins
    Madeline McGrane
    Jean Ann Sekerak Montagna
    Catherine Ramella Myers
    Laura Bennett Shiner
    Kristen E. Slattery
    Julie Zamborsky Ward

    Liz Butler Eddowes
    Colleen Eynon
    Bridget Gallagher, M.D.
    Nicole Reese Isaacs
    Monica Isabella, MD
    Julie Kozminski
    Katelyn Bennett Lynch
    Bridget Matty
    Lindsay Szwed Platt
    Alexandra Macuga Vidmar
    Liz Wojtkun

    Ashley M. Bartell
    Jennifer Dill-Okubo
    Gillian Hall
    Eileen Cooper Reed
    Rachael Toth
    Kristen Graves Ward

    Megan Bennett
    Mary Kate Glowe
    Evie Cutshaw Goulding
    Nancy Krach Grech
    Julie Hauck
    Megan Haggerty Hinchy
    Molly Gedeon Hogan
    Allison Wojtkun

    Jessica Tobin Carney
    Diana M. Gaking
    Kate Szabolcs Hart
    Anne Evans Schira
    Katie Cooper Schmitt
    Heather Schwager Schmuhl
    Danielle Hale Scott
    Maggie Sweeney
    Molly O'Malley Uhlenhake

    Caitlin Blake
    Mrs. Margaret A. Cavelli
    Laura Farrell
    Adrienne M. Gaydos
    Sarah Michael Ianni
    Colleen Bennett Krawczak
    Sarah Meadema Monroe
    Megan Langhenry Thaler

    Ruth Haggerty Brennan
    Christine Francis Ciullo, DMD
    Sarah L. Nash
    Amanda Opaskar, M.D.
    Augustine R. Sadler
    Elizabeth Smith Szep
    Ann Marie Ferry Wernick

    Vicky Benko
    Ari Caraballo
    Stephanie Wisneski Fontana
    Erika Globits
    Katie Ertle Harrison
    Bridget Mackin
    Maribeth Ramella Malloy
    Alex Bello Martin
    Elisabeth Stark
    Mary Kate Sweeney

    Clare Gallagher Bittel
    Kali Gibbons Fisher
    Katherine Henterly Frantz
    Meghan Curran Heintzen
    Katy Koz Kestler
    Lauren Majoy
    Elizabeth Johnson Osinski

    Kerry Barrett
    Caitlin MacBride Berg
    Francesca A. DiCenzo
    Kelly Dunleavy
    Mary Hudec
    Andrea Kilbane
    Katherine Lisy Petiya

    Mary Ertle
    Bridgid Farrell
    Anne M. Geib
    Brigid Murray
    Therese Kilbane Myers
    Jessica Norton
    Grace Richardson Ward

    Giulia Di Cenzo
    Kara Kilbane
    Calli Majoy
    Sarah Miller
    Nora Hudec Romanelli
    Chandler Martin Rostron

    Patricia Cooper
    Madeline Svajger D'Amico
    Alexis Setta Dugan
    Maria Mangione
    Ciara Murray
    Joanna Kilbane Myers
    Molly McCormick Woidke
    Melissa Finnegan Wypasek

    Grace Vinesky Harrington
    Gretchen Horning
    Sonja Summer

    Eryn Watters Dillon
    Breanne Koelliker
    Deirdre McNamara
    Bridget Smith

    Katherine Hertelendy
    Ann Huesken
    Kelly O'Conor
    Molly Stanton

    Annie Bartholomew
    Madison Gardner

    Leah Proctor

    Anna Hertelendy
    Sarah Moritz

    Claire Bulic
    Angelina Dzelajlija

    Ella Ford
    Amelia Lamb
    Molly Proctor

The print version of the 2022-2023 Donor Honor Roll appeared in the Fall 2023 issue of Magnificat Magazine, which can be viewed by clicking below.
Magnificat High School, a girls' Catholic college-preparatory high school, founded and sponsored by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, educates young women holistically to learn, lead, and serve in the spirit of Mary’s Magnificat.