Student Life

School Uniforms

Magnificat partners with two vendors for uniform skirts: Schoolbelles and Changemakers. You may choose to order from either vendor. Alternatively, students may wear navy blue uniform pants ordered from Schoolbelles only. 
Navy Blue Skirt: Two-Kick Pleated Skirt or Wrap Around Kilt Skirt 
Navy Blue Pants: Brushed Twill Straight Leg Pant

Navy Blue Skirt: Two-Kick Pleated Skirt 
Pre-orders for Fall 2024 open through May 17, 2024
Changemakers Uniforms are ethically made in the U.S. and Canada with sustainable fabrics. The Magnificat Two Kick Pleated Skirt is made of 42% recycled polyester with eco-friendly anti-wrinkle and anti-pilling treatments. 100% of excess fabric from production is recycled into accessories, and when your skirt is ready to be retired, Changemakers will recycle it into new-life products.


In addition, students need the following items from Schoolbelles: 
  • Magnificat Embroidered Top - White with School Monogram
    Choose any of the following based on preference:
    Ribbed Bottom Short Sleeve (does not need to be tucked in) 
    Ribbed Bottom Long Sleeve (does not need to be tucked in)
    Classroom Fitted Polo Short Sleeve (must be tucked in) 
    Classroom Fitted Polo Long Sleeve (must be tucked in) 
  • Embroidered Sweater - Navy with School Monogram
    Fine Gauge Crew Neck Pullover (worn for full-dress uniform) 
    Color: Navy with school monogram-15/7141
  • Navy blue tights
    These are part of the full-dress uniform but can be purchased anywhere, including the Streaks Boutique.
  • Magnificat sweatshirt (not required)
    Students may wear any Magnificat sweatshirt from the Streaks Boutique over her uniform.
  • Navy blue or black leggings (not required) 
    Students may wear plain, full-length navy blue or black leggings only (no patterns, mesh, cutouts, etc.). These can be purchased anywhere. 
  • Footwear
    Leather and canvas shoes with soles are acceptable, including tennis shoes. 
  • Physical education and dance class uniforms can be purchased exclusively in the Streaks Boutique. The P.E. uniform includes a t-shirt and shorts. The dance uniform includes a t-shirt and leggings. 
Please refer to the Student Handbook, located in myMHS under Resources, for the complete Dress Code.

Questions? Please contact Vikki Cahill at
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