In Memoriam

Sr. Helen Jean Novy, HM

Please join us in prayer for the families of our alumnae and students.

"May all be comforted by the compassionate heart of Christ who will draw all to abundant life and fullness of joy!"
We have included all individuals for whom we received notification following the printing of the Fall 2022 issue of the Magnificat Magazine, and we have listed all of the relationships we could locate in our records. If we have missed anyone, kindly let us know by emailing Caitlin MacBride Berg '10 at

List of 34 items.

  • R. Craig Andrews

    Father of Hilary Andrews Levitsky '82, Margaret Andrews Walsh '85, Katherine Andrews Farrell '88, Elizabeth Andrews O'Donnell '91, and Anne Andrews Johnson '96; Grandfather of Celia Andrews '19 and Maggie Andrews '21

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  • Lauren Marie Applegate

    Daughter of Carole Roman Applegate '73

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  • Laureen Burke Baker '73

  • Joseph Buettner

    Husband of Megan Forst Buettner '93; Father of Lauren Buettner '24 and Katherine Buettner '27; Brother-in-law of Michelle Forst '85 and Melissa Forst '97

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  • Ann Tucholsky Caffrey '59L

  • Eileen T. Clancy

    Mother of Mary Jo Clancy Englehart '73

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  • Ann G. Covell

    Mother of Mary Covell Rhoades '75, Barbara Covell '76, and Jane Covell Cervenak '78

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  • Frank Crisafi

    Father of Karen Crisafi Hewson '86; Grandfather of Hope Crisafi '20 and Kate Crisafi '21

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  • Roberta Angle Daniel '77

    Sister of Diane Angle Rethinger '63 and Christine Angle Christy '70

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  • Thomas A. Devine

    Husband of Noreen Masterson Devine '58L; Brother-in-law of Kitty Masterson Camerato '66L; Uncle of Mary Pat Masterson Burk '85 and Maureen Masterson Carr '89

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  • Ann C. Hochwarth

    Mother of Patricia Hochwarth Sheehan '78, Elizabeth Hochwarth '79, and Karen Hochwarth Bender '81; Grandmother of Ann Sheehan '10

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  • Darlene Hood '67L

    Sister of Joyce Hood '62L

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  • Larry Ramon Jones

    Husband of Joyce Smith Jones '58L

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  • Susan M. Keane

    Mother of Kelley Keane Drumm '86 and Maureen Keane '87.

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  • William R. "Bill" Ketterer

    Father of Kimberley Ketterer '76; Father-in-law of Mary Colleen Moran Ketterer '82; Grandfather of Samantha Ketterer '14 and Jane Ketterer '15

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  • James Lardie

    Husband of Diane Davis Lardie '55L†

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  • Patti Pritchard Leopold '74

    Sister of Paula Pritchard English '66 and Pam Pritchard Spangler '72; Sister-in-law of Leslie Carlin Pritchard '73; Aunt of Lauren Pritchard '02 and Julie Pritchard Clayton '03

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  • Josephine Lima Malik '59L

    Aunt of Anna Wisneski Moncrief '72L; Great Aunt of Jennifer Moncrief Martin '97, Jacqueline Moncrief '98, Carolyn Moncrief Domitrovich '01, Jennifer Grassia Zichelli '02, Tricia Wisneski '03, and Stephanie Wisneski Fontana '09; Mother-in-law of Elizabeth Wilgus Malik '98

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  • Robert C. McManamon Jr.

    Brother of Clare McManamon Navratil '78; Father of Erin McManamon Lally '93, Nora McManamon Melzer '98, and Mary Clare McManamon '02; Father-in-law of Emily DeWitt McManamon ‘96; Grandfather of Lucy McManamon '23 and Colleen Lally '25.

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  • Clifford A. Meister

    Brother of Cheryl Meister '73; Son of Mary Lou Fasolino Meister '52L†

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  • Reynaldo A. Mitra

    Father of Raylene Mitra-Espiritu '94 and Editrae Mitra-Browne '99

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  • Carol Kovalick Oakar '71

  • Kathleen A. O'Malley '73

    Sister of Patricia O'Malley Lorenzi '67 and Eileen O'Malley Morabito '78†

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  • Herb J. Pauly

    Father of staff members Herb & Bridget Pauly

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  • Joy Steinmetz Pyle '60

  • Richard J. “Gus” Schindler

    Husband of Anita Arenas Schindler '58L; Brother of Sr. Elaine Schindler, H.M. '60L; Father of Meredith Schindler '88; Uncle of Therese Schindler Lord '95

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  • Lynda Scott

    Mother of Megan O'Shea Behmke '85; Mother-in-law of Gina Rini O'Shea '84; Stepmother of Debbie Scott Baker '85; Grandmother of Helen O'Shea '16

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  • Pamela McCoy Spicer '64

    Mother of Dr. Kerry Spicer Bebie '87 and Shane Spicer Fitzpatrick '96; Mother-in-law of Meegan Lally Spicer '86 and Lisa Pellman Spicer '90; Grandmother of Mary Bebie '17, Sara Spicer '17, Caty Spicer '20, Maeve Spicer '21, Mairin Fitzpatrick '23, Elizabeth Spicer '24, and Kelsey Fitzpatrick '25

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    *correction from Spring 2024 Magazine
  • Terry R. Stanley

    Husband of Colette Polk Stanley '68

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  • Charlotte "Sistie" Stringer Stillwell '64

    Sister of Charlene Stringer Byers '61, Jacqueline Stringer '67, Mary Stringer '78, and Kathleen Stringer '83; Aunt of Samantha Stringer '10 and organ Salama '12
  • Mary Reinhardt Thomas '59L

  • Jo Ann L. Wexler

    Mother of Darlene Wexler-Ford '73

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  • Christine Tyler Young '62

    Sister of Ann Tyler Gillett '60† and Cynthia Tyler Hill '67

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  • Magdalena Zagmeister

    Step-Mother of Helga Zagmeister '88

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† Deceased
“L” denotes a graduate of Lourdes Academy
Magnificat High School, a girls' Catholic college-preparatory high school, founded and sponsored by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, educates young women holistically to learn, lead, and serve in the spirit of Mary’s Magnificat.