In Memoriam

Sr. Helen Jean Novy, HM

Please join us in prayer for the families of our alumnae and students.

"May all be comforted by the compassionate heart of Christ who will draw all to abundant life and fullness of joy!"
We have included all individuals for whom we received notification following the printing of the Fall 2022 issue of the Magnificat Magazine, and we have listed all of the relationships we could locate in our records. If we have missed anyone, kindly let us know by emailing Caitlin MacBride Berg '10 at

List of 29 items.

  • Sandra Dedina Fluken '65

  • Alma Aras '92

  • Mary Anne Smith Bialosky '72L

    Mother of Erinn Bialosky McFadden '99; Sister-in-law of Sandra Bialosky Barniea '69 and Margaret Otter Bialosky '73.

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  • Marlene E. Bergen

    Mother of Tracy Bergen Martucci '86 and Alison Bergen Morgan '93.

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  • Ellen Seidel Carroll '60L

  • Timothy Gerard Hunt

    Brother-in-law of Tammy Berry Hunt '89; Uncle of MacKenzie Hunt '16, Margaret Hunt '19, Catherine Hunt '21, and Maria Hunt '26.

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  • James M. Kilbane

    Husband of Annie Waitkus Kilbane '79; Brother-in-law of Ginny Waitkus Heffner '81, Barbara Waitkus Billings '86, and Mary Elizabeth Waitkus Ehrbar '88; Uncle of Bronte Billings '11, Katie Heffner '12, and Gabrielle Billings '19.

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  • Kevin Koran

    Father of Kristy Koran Pankratz '01

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  • Jacquelyn Toolis Lilly '68

    Sister of Colleen Toolis Prescott '71, Kelly Toolis Bailey '87, and Shannon Toolis '89

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  • Mary Joan Livingston

    Mother of Margaret Livingston Sullivan '74; Grandmother of Ellie Livingston '15 and Eva Livingston '17

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  • Angela Russell Longland '93

  • Jean McNulty Manillo '61

    Sister-in-law of M. Patrice McCarthy '68

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  • James M. Masterson

    Husband of Sandra Connell Masterson '60; Father of Maureen Masterson Manderfield '82; Brother-in-law of Sharon Connell Cain '62†, Suzanne Connell Mack '65†, and Nancy Connell London '67

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  • Joyce McAndrews

    Sister of Sr. Kathleen McIntyre, H.M. '62

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  • Mary Butler McDermott '77

    Sister of Ann Butler Luba '71 and Molly Butler Coleman '79; Cousin of Mary Cachat Papa '79 and Stephanie Auer '84†

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  • Brian R. McGraw

    Father of Marie McGraw '08

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  • Patricia "Pat" McLaughlin '47L

    Sister of Margaret McLaughlin '41L†; Aunt of Maureen McLaughlin Pugh '72, Kathryn McLaughlin Gifford '78, and Diane McLaughlin '85

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  • Katharyn Strong Meister '70

  • Jack Delano Neal Ph.D.

    Husband of Kathleen Spuhler Neal '63; Brother-in-law of Maureen Spuhler Hampton '60† and Mary Spuhler Meehan '66†. 

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  • Susan E. Petterson

    Mother of Julianne Smith '04

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  • Ernest P. Ernesto Petti

    Father of Anne Petti '87 and Susan Petti '89

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  • Patricia L. "Patty" Ryan

    Mother of Abby Ryan Hoffman '10, Tess Ryan '13, and Caty Ryan '17

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  • Stuart P. Saddler

    Husband of Ellen Herberger Saddler '79; Father of Sarah Saddler '10; Brother-in-law of Ruthann Herberger Volcheff '73, Margaret Herberger Hluch '74, Laura Herberger Goilo '82, and Ann Herberger O'Connor '83

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  • Joseph Anthony Sciarrino

    Husband of Ann Reali Sciarrino '60; Brother-in-law of Judith Reali McNutt '66 and Ruth Reali Garry '68; Relative of Colleen Reali Shapiro '90, Rylie Matthews '15, Erin Kilbane '17, Molly Kilbane '19, Clare Matthews '20, and Lucy Kilbane '21

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  • Benjamin Ignatius Smolenski

    Husband of Mrs. Ann Bernardi Smolenski '59

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  • Joseph E. Spicuzza

    Husband of Nancy Zeber Spicuzza '77; Father of Jacqueline Spicuzza Anderle '08; Brother-in-law of Laura Zeber Maloney '74, Susan Zeber Kohansall  '81, and Judith Zeber George '85

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  • Gerald "Jerry" Sullivan

    Father of Molly Sullivan deJesus '86 and Maggie Foley '92; Uncle of Janet Saas Pier '81, Holly Saas Rhodes '83, Loretta Sherman Jolliffe '87, Julie Saas Gaul '90, Sarah Hack Mooney '94, and Catherine Hack '99; Great Uncle of Caitlin Pier Canton '06, Margaret Pier '10, Abby Pier '14

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  • Zita T. Tumney

    Mother of Zita Tumney Goldberg '83; Aunt of Patricia Mullen Heredos '82 and Ann Mullen Black '85

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  • Sandra Jablonski Ventura '56L

† Deceased
“L” denotes a graduate of Lourdes Academy
Magnificat High School, a girls' Catholic college-preparatory high school, founded and sponsored by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, educates young women holistically to learn, lead, and serve in the spirit of Mary’s Magnificat.