In Memoriam

Sr. Helen Jean Novy, HM

Please join us in prayer for the families of our alumnae and students.

"May all be comforted by the compassionate heart of Christ who will draw all to abundant life and fullness of joy!"
We have included all individuals for whom we received notification following the printing of the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of the Magnificat Magazine, and we have listed all of the relationships we could locate in our records. If we have missed anyone, kindly let us know by emailing Caitlin MacBride '10 at

List of 56 items.

  • Kelly Wagner Amen '96

  • Barbara Klepacz Aschenbener '55L

    Lourdes Academy Class of 1955. Sister of Carolee Klepacz Zentkovich '61L. Aunt of Lisa Powers '83 and Angela Zentkovich Gute '91. Great Aunt of Carrie Zentkovich Campbell '08.
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  • Mark J. Auer

    Father of Stephanie Auer '84†; Uncle of Ann Butler Luba '72, Mary Butler McDermott '77, Mary Cachat Papa '79, and Molly Butler Coleman '79

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  • John Barrett

    Brother of Ann Barrett Richards '85 and Maureen Barrett Breitenbach '86. Brother-in-law of Peggy Patton Barrett '79. Uncle of Lily Richards '13 and Isabella Richards '16.

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  • Elizabeth "Bette" Consydes Berry '45L

  • Jean Bihn

    Mother of Susan Bihn Mitchell '84. Sister of former faculty member, Zoe Murphy. Great Aunt of Kara Scullin '18.

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  • Steven "Sparky" Buza

    Husband of Carolyn Geib Buza '66. Father of Julie Buza Bodman '92 and Jennifer Buza '97. Grandfather of Maura Bodman '21. Brother-in-law of Francine Geib Kennedy '68, Patti Geib Dietz '70, Peggy Geib Dugan '71, and Deirdre Hickey Geib '76. Uncle of Colleen Geib '03, Kerry Geib '06, Molly Geib '08, Abbey Geib '09, and Anne Geib '11.

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  • David Cavera Sr.

    Husband of Mary Margaret FItzpatrick Cavera '67

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  • William "Bill" Chambers

    Stepfather of Mary Kay Bomberg Mullen '86 and Ann Bomberg '88.

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  • Kathleen Mahon Chaney '60

  • Kevin Class

    Father of Julia Class '07 and former spouse of Kelly McCarthy '78

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  • Richard Clark

    Husband of President Moira Clark '77. Father of Bridey Clark '07. Brother-in-law of Lise Hickey Gardner '71, Trina Hickey Phillips '72, Nina Hickey Curran '73†, Deirdre Hickey Geib '76, Eorann Hickey Conway '79, and Meghan Hickey McNamara '80. Uncle of Caitlin Phillips '00, Darcy Phillips '01, Colleen Geib '03, Moira Gardner '05, Kerry Geib '06, Siobhan Phillips '06, Molly Geib '08, Sheila Conway '08, Clare Conway '09, Meghan Curran Heintzen '09, Joan Conway '12, Catherine Conway '14, Deirdre McNamara '15, and Anne Conway '16

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  • Anne Cloonan

    Mother of Katie Cloonan Hall '11.

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  • Nancy Novotny Corrigan ‘71

    Class of 1971.

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  • Martin Coughlin

    Father of Jennifer Coughlin Kennedy '95, Christine Coughlin '97, Carrie Coughlin Butler '99, and Laura Coughlin '04; Grandfather of Caroline Kennedy '23

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  • Mary Kathleen Crow '64

    Class of 1964.

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  • Nancy O'Callahan D'Arcy '49L

    Lourdes Academy Class of 1949. Mother of Mary Kay Sammon Flaherty '75, Sharon D'Arcy '84, and Annette D'Arcy Blanc '86

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  • Anne M. Evans

    Sister of Margaret Kundtz Maleski '64 and Sister-in-Law of Janice Stelbasky Kundtz '64.

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  • Julie Frantz

    Mother of  Katie Frantz '96, Elizabeth Frantz '97, and Mary Frantz Valletta '04

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  • JoNell Frost

    Grandmother of Bina Frost '16 and Eva Frost '19

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  • Marilyn Jean Gagen '62

    Class of 1962. Aunt of Shannon Gagen '96.

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  • Patrick Grealis

    Husband of Pamela Klimko Grealis '85. Brother-in-law of Renee Klimko Rupp '92. Son-in-law of Kathleen Stein Klimko '62

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  • Antoinette Healy

    Mother of Maryann Healy Fanous ‘73. Aunt of Sr. Mary Pat Cook, H.M. '63, Carol Cook Obrock '65, Kathleen Cook Luke '66, Nancy Cook '69, Barbara Cook '70, and Janet Cook Derby '72.
  • Johann (John) Hoffman

    Father of Rosemary Hoffmann Pasternack '77, Rita Hoffmann Bilas '79, Caroline Hoffmann Malloy '82, and Sylvia Hoffmann Potter '91. 
  • Kevin Robert Kelley

    Father of Grace Kelley '11, Cara Kelley '14, and Kathleen Kelley '16.

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  • Carol Krach

    Mother of Cheryl Krach Spremulli ‘02 and Nancy Krach Grech ‘04.

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  • Mark Lachendro, Jr.

    Brother of Jenn Lachendrop ‘16.

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  • John Lancione

    Father of Jennifer Lancione Murion '84

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  • Diane Davis Lardie '55L

    Lourdes Academy Class of 1955.

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  • Joan Lehmann '47L

    Lourdes Academy Class of 1947. 

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  • John C. Logue

    Father of Annmarie Logue '87

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  • Charles MacMillan

    Father of Bridget MacMillan '83, Julie MacMillan '84 and Annie MacMillan Powell '87. Father-in-law of Cathy Snyder MacMillan '90. Grandfather of Wren Powell '23 and Ella MacMillan '23. Brother-in-law of Joan Petrie Cannon '61 and Colleen McDonald Walsh '66. Uncle of Maureen Cannon Rosfelder '73, Colleen Cannon '75, Karen Cannon Janettas '76, Roberta Coone Cannon '77, Julie Schriner Nader '79, Sue Schriner Sullivan '80, Kate McBride '81, Sheila Cannon Meyer '82, Mary Beth Schriner '82, Maureen Walsh Farrell '85, Molly McBride Steen '85, Kate Schmotzer McBride '92, and Katie Walsh Pfahl '93. Great Uncle of Mary Kate Rosfelder Hearns '02, Erin McBride Ventura '07, Mary Clare Becker Carson '08, Megan McBride '13, Mallory Cannon '21, Samantha Cannon '23, and Maggie Steen '26. 

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  • Dr. Edward Mansour

    Father of Maura Mansour DePrisco '89.

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  • John Joseph Mathews

    Father of Ericka Mathews Ghazoul '04, Jacqueline Mathews Johnston '05, and Nicole Mathews '08. Brother of Christine Mathews Long '71, Mary Kay Mathews Doyle '72, Therese Mathews Leisinger '73, Judith Mathews Nash '74, and Ann Mathews O'Malley '81. Uncle of Lauren Nash '00, Sarah Nash '07, Kate Mathews '07, and Mary Mathews '11.

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  • Lance Albert McGannon, DDS

    Brother of Patricia McGannon Tobin '65 and Laura McGannon Berben '70; Father of Keira McGannon '90

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  • Timothy McGlynn

    Father of  Katherine McGlynn Smith '92 and Father-in-law of Karissa Butts McGlynn '97

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  • Janet Meany '63

  • James Ohliger

    Brother of Joan Ohliger Kossoff '60† and Janet Ohliger Fuchs '63; Father of Rosemarie Ohliger Osowik '74, Mary Beth Ohliger Mitterko '81, Megan Ohliger O'Neill '86, and Molly Ohliger Lavelle '86; Father-in-law of Cynthia Ginley Ohliger '77; Grandfather of Alison Ohliger '06, Emily Ohliger '10, and Erin Ohliger '11

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  • Raoul Perez

    Husband of former faculty member, Dottie Perez

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  • Fred Princehorn

    Husband of Patrice Mansfield Princehorn '64. Brother-in-law of Marilynne Mansfield Wood '63, Mary Rita Mansfield '68, and Janice Mansfield McNichol '75.

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  • Mary Dianne DiLuciano Quinn '66

    Class of 1966. 

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  • William John Reidy Jr.

    Husband of Katie Heben Reidy '59; Brother-in-law of Pauline Hebing Alma '60 and Teddi Hebing Musson '67; Brother of Luanne Reidy Drago '61†; Father of Jennifer Reidy '85, Debbie Reidy Norton '86, and Kristee Reidy Mays '99; Uncle of Anne Drago '96;  Grandfather of Anna Norton '18, Sydney Norton '18, and Taylor Norton '18

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  • Robert Rhodes

    Father of Dena Rhodes Adler '85.

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  • Thomas Scanlon

    Father of Elizabeth Scanlon Donnelly '82, Colleen Scanlon Miller '83, Cyndy Scanlon '86, and Kimberly Scanlon Klein '90. 

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  • Cynthia Sharak '81

  • John "Jack" Sheehan

    Brother of Mary Sheehan Hall '64; Uncle of Megan Hall Houser '95 and Bridget Hall Dixon '97

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  • Ed Smietana, Jr.

    Father of faculty member, Liz Capezzuto

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  • Adele Yurick Stile '63

    Sister of Ellen Yurick Shimko '73; Aunt of Lisa Shimko '08

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  • Claire Bednar Stobierski '55L

  • John Sullivan

    Father of Dr. Claire Sullivan '02.

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  • Phillip Vedda

    Father of Margaret Vedda Furin '75

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  • Raymond J. Votypka, MD

    Brother of Lenore Votypka Krempansky '61; Father of Veronica Votypka '95 and Vanessa Votypka '00

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  • John Walkowiak

    Father of Susan Walkowiak Hannon '62, Janet Walkowiak Striegl '69, and Carol Walkowiak Duffy '75. Grandfather of Jane Hannon '91, Mary Beth Striegl James '98, and Kate Hannon Fleming '99.

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  • Allen "Stan" West Sr.

    Father of Megen West Berry '81; Grandfather of Erin Berry ’10,
    Caitlin Berry '12, and Lauren West '21

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  • Thomas Wissman

    Husband of Margaret O'Toole Wissman '59. 

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  • Joseph H. Witouski

    Father of Marla Witouski Spaeth '90.

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† Deceased
“L” denotes a graduate of Lourdes Academy
Magnificat High School, a girls' Catholic college-preparatory high school, founded and sponsored by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, educates young women holistically to learn, lead, and serve in the spirit of Mary’s Magnificat.