Student Support Services

The Student Support Services department serves students in need of academic support as a complement to the expert instructional practices already happening in the classroom. The department includes tutors, intervention specialists, and a school psychologist.

What We Do

Student Success Center

All students can “drop in” to the Student Success Center (SSC) during lunch, free periods, and/or before/after school (by appointment) to meet with tutors. The SSC provides a calm, welcoming, friendly and safe atmosphere for students to receive academic support from trained professionals. The goal of the SSC is to provide a personalized learning experience for students as they move toward becoming successful, independent learners. Intervention specialists are also located in the SSC and available to meet with students receiving an Accommodation Plan.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are available to all young women attending Magnificat. Our tutoring staff includes professionals trained to help students in a variety of subjects. Students can use the drop-in tutoring service in any way that meets their needs. Students can choose to come once to get through a particularly challenging assignment, a few times to hone a specific skill or complete a project, or regularly throughout the school year. As part of this service, tutors may consult with classroom teachers, counselors, and parents to best address the needs of the student. Tutors are located in the SSC.

Tutors provide support in the following areas:
  • All Mathematics courses
  • All English courses
  • All Spanish courses
  • All French courses
  • All Biology courses
  • Global Communications and Research
  • Essay and Research Papers
  • Organization and Study Skills
  • Strategies for English Learners
  • ACT/SAT prep sessions

Intervention Specialist Services

Intervention Specialist services are available to students who have been identified with a disability through an evaluation process and have an Accommodation Plan. Intervention Specialists are trained in working closely with students and providing a diverse range of academic interventions and accommodations to enhance skill development based on individual needs. Intervention specialists collaborate and consult with faculty and parents in order to best meet the needs of those on Accommodation Plans. Intervention specialists are located in the SSC.

School Psychological Services

The school psychologist is available to consult with school counselors, teachers, administration, and parents regarding the social/emotional wellbeing of students and provide direct support to students in need. Additionally, the school psychologist can provide psychoeducational evaluations and interpret outside evaluations used in determining eligibility for Accommodation Plans. The school psychologist is a good resource for those with questions regarding adolescent development. Other services include crisis intervention, academic and behavioral intervention, and risk assessments. The school psychologist is located in the Counseling suite.

Meet the Student Support Team

Megan Rutkowski, Ed.S '98
Director of Student Support
Services & School Psychologist
Adrienne Cooper
Intervention Specialist
Richard Corr
Auxiliary Math Tutor
Karen Gill
Auxiliary Reading Tutor
Erin Hertvik
Intervention Specialist
LaTonya Johnson
Academic Coach

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship:

Magnificat is a proud Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship provider. Students who receive services through an IEP (individualized education program) are eligible for Jon Peterson funding. For more information regarding Jon Peterson services please contact Megan Rutkowski, Director of Student Support Services, or Susan Reighard, Director of Student Accounts.
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