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Graduation Requirements




Subject Graduation Requirement Ideal College Preparatory Recommendation
Theology 4 -
English 4 4
Performing or Visual Arts 1 1
Health/Physical Education 1 1
Mathematics 4 4
Science 3 4
Social Studies 3 3
World Languages 2 4
Communication Technology ½ ½
Global Communications and Research ½ ½


  1. 25 credits are required for graduation.
  2. 6 credit minimum per school year
  3. High School Compass classes all 4 years
  4. Successful completion of Genesis Program

Credit Flexibility
The Credit Flexibility Program is available to any student capable of completing the work outlined in a written Credit Flexibility Plan. There is no limit on the number of credits a student can earn under this program; however, Magnificat High School will only approve coursework or options that are consistent with our Mission, Values and Catholic Identity. The application form is available on PlusPortals; questions should be directed to a student’s counselor.

Updated Graduation Requirements from the state of Ohio

In accordance with the Ohio Department of Education standards, a Magnificat student must meet benchmarks on either a College and Career Readiness Test or the Ohio state tests in order to meet the state requirements for graduation.

Graduation criteria:

College and Career Readiness Tests:ACT or SAT. The ACT Test is given to Magnificat students in their junior year. Students must score a 22 in the Reading section, 22 in the Math section and an 18 in the English section. Students can also meet the benchmarks with a SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score of 480 and SAT Math Score of 530. These scores are determined yearly by Ohio’s universities’ presidents and are subject to change.

Ohio’s State Testing: the IOWA Test is given to Magnificat students during their freshman year. Students must accumulate at least 18 graduation points based on the scores in the Iowa Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies tests. This includes a minimum of 4 points on the English tests, a minimum of 4 points on the math tests, and a minimum of 6 points on Science and Social Studies tests.

For additional Information, please refer to the Ohio Department of Education website by clicking here.