Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

The Magnificat Fund

The Magnificat Fund provides crucial funds to meet the school's most pressing needs--everything from facilities repairs to athletic equipment to classroom technology.

Every student benefits from The Magnificat Fund, and every gift makes a difference.

Your gifts to The Magnificat Fund can be directed to support the following areas:

Area of Greatest Need

Gifts designated to the Area of Greatest Need allow Magnificat's Leadership Team to approve the most needed expenditures, such as roof repairs, installing an HVAC system, or purchasing student desks. The flexibility that these gifts afford us makes them invaluable.


Gifts directed to Mission support initiatives to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic environment that nurtures, challenges, and celebrates all of our young women. Mission gifts also provide Campus Ministry with funding for expansive retreat and outreach programs.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

Tuition assistance makes a Magnificat education possible for young women who could not otherwise afford it. Gifts to this designation also provide dollars to the Angels-in-Blue fund that provides anonymous assistance for non-tuition, school related expenses such as uniforms and school lunches.

Faculty Recruitment & Retention

Outstanding faculty are the backbone of our school. Gifts for Faculty Recruitment and Retention allow us to offer competitive salaries and professional development to the highest caliber leaders in education that our academic standards demand.

Academic & Co-Curricular Opportunities

Magnificat's academic programs and co-curriculars are integral components of our holistic education to prepare students for college and beyond, and they are continually evolving to ensure that students can explore new interests, find their voices, and develop inside and outside of the classroom.


With 15 varsity sports, it's not surprising that nearly 400 students participate in athletics each year. Magnificat athletics are not just about championships and skill-building; we focus on teamwork, developing strong work ethics, life-long friendships, and building confidence and leadership skills.

Performing Arts

Students are often drawn to Magnificat for our immersive Performing Arts programs that offer significat growth opportunities for students interested in dance, musical theatre, drama, technical theatre, and vocal performance.