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Giving Societies

Through our giving societies, we are proud to recognize those who generously donate to our Magnificat Fund each year. Their financial support demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to the Mission of Magnificat. The breadth of our giving societies is a testament to the diversity of our donors, and as a result, the academic richness and excellence of Magnificat High School. You can be a part of one of our Magnificat societies by donating today.

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The Magnificat Founders Society
Magnificat High School was founded in 1955 with three Humility of Mary Sisters, 63 students, a small vacated school house, profound faith, and a life-changing Mission. The 1955 Founders Society recognizes lifetime giving of $100,000 or more.

Humility of Mary Circle: Lifetime giving of $1,000,000+
Mother Mary of Lourdes Circle: Lifetime giving of $500,000+
Mother Madelaine Potier Circle: Lifetime giving of $100,000+

Magnificat 1955 Society
The Magnificat 1955 Society was established to recognize those who make gifts of $1,000 or more each year to the Magnificat Fund. This society was named after the year the school was founded in 1955. In appreciation for their generous donations, members receive several benefits listed below.

Magnifiers: Gifts of $10,000+
Leaders: Gifts of $5,000+
Partners: Gifts of $1,000+

Blue Streak Society
Recognizing donors with three years of consecutive giving at any amount. Through their consistent support, members of the Blue Streak Society play a vital role in ensuring that Magnificat continues to thrive and grow with each incoming class.

Sister Bernadette Vetter Society
The Sister Bernadette Vetter Society was established to recognize those who list Magnificat High School in their estate plans. Sister Bernadette Vetter was the founding principal of Magnificat High School from 1955 to 1961. Sister Bernadette Vetter later returned to her roots at Magnificat as a theology teacher. She touched the hearts and lives of many Magnificat families. Sister Bernadette Vetter’s leadership and vision guided the formation of Magnificat and many of its traditions.

If you would like to be a part of Sister Bernadette Vetter Society, please contact Debbie Durbin, Vice President of Advancement at ddurbin@maghs.org or 440-331-1572 ext. 263.