Learn, Lead, and Serve in the Spirit of Mary's Magnificat

Mission & Values

With Mary as the model of a strong woman and faithful disciple, speaking truth about the realities of her world in her Magnificat song of praise, students grow into models for others. Compassion, confidence and courage will be engendered in each student so that she will become a model for transforming the world.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We educate young women holistically to learn, lead, and serve in the spirit of Mary’s Magnificat.

Our Vision

Magnificat High School, a girls' Catholic, college-preparatory high school, founded and sponsored by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, calls young women to live Mary’s Magnificat in the world. Click here to read Mary's prayer, The Magnificat.

Core Values

Lifelong Learning

2 Corinthians exhorts us to excel in everything from attaining knowledge to extending love for all. We manifest eagerness for new knowledge and enthusiasm for learning. Connected to our global world, we continue our explorations beyond the classroom and hone skills that transfer across disciplines. (Cf. 2Cor. 8:7)


Scripture encourages working together so that the grace of God will not be given in vain. Staff and students share information, talents, and resources with one another graciously and e caciously. Our collaboration values the good of the whole. Collaboration corresponds to our nature to learn things through relationship. (Cf. Titus 3:2; 2Cor. 6:1)


Imitating Jesus whose heart was so often moved with compassion for the crowds, we let our hearts be touched by both the joys and sorrows of others. Compassion helps us to identify with others, to stand in their shoes, and to see them as God sees them and to avoid prejudices and pre-judgments. Our compassion extends to the poor and vulnerable beyond the walls of Magnificat as we care effectively for others in solidarity with all. (Cf. Luke 6:34 and John)


Recognizing the image of Christ in others, staff and students strive to respect the dignity of each person. All relationships encompass respectful modes of communication and manifest respect for self, others, creation and God. Reverence embraces the whole person: body, soul, mind and emotions. Each person is sensitively aware of the effects of words and actions on others. (Cf. Matthew 25:40)


Each person is faithful to responsibilities and can be counted on to keep promises and fulfill duties. We persevere through challenges and see things through to completion. Our dedication inspires us to contribute extra e ort as needed.(Cf. Proverbs 16:3)

Faith-Filled Life

Our faith motivates and guides all we do. Reflecting on God’s word, we imitate Mary as a faithful disciple throughout her life and strive to live her Magnificat in the world with joy and gratitude as well as a sense of justice. (Cf. e Annunciation)